Friday, November 22, 2013

This week.....

Hello friends, I'm the lady who is supposed to be updating every day but has been having a real problem trying to find enough hours in the day to do everything.

Another whole week has gone by and I'm just now getting a moment to sit down with my laptop, and compose a little update post for you all.

Reading and visiting other blogs?  Forget about it, I haven't had a single moment to do it though I miss you all so very much and am wondering what you've been up to.  I've decided that tonight is an early night for me, and as soon as I'm in my comfy warm pj's and sitting at this chair, I'll be doing just that :)


This has quite possibly become my favorite corner of my bedroom, I get to sit here with my crochet, enjoy the warm fire and either listen to music or watch some tv. Just perfect for the winter :)


A week full of rain, and I've loved every moment.




What I haven't loved though is waking up the past 2 mornings to ice puddles in the driveway.  Pretty too look at but not as pretty to drive on.


The frost has been everywhere, covering the grass and anything left outside with a beautiful sparkly blanket.


And even if it may not seem like much from far, when you get up close and personal you see just how intricate the frost really is, how visually stunning.


Food has been centered around stews and soups, which to me are the favorite meals when it's cold. Warms you from the inside out and fills you up too :)


Veggies, loads of veggies make a very nutritional soup.


And speaking of nutritious, I've been enjoying Cinnamon Apple Water which is supposed to be a detoxifier and a metabolism booster...or so says Dr. Oz.  We'll see how it goes.  For one, it does taste very yummy.


I've also been enjoying this book which is coming up on the blog as a review. 


As you can see, life has just been going on and even faster now that we're approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Guess it's time to kick it into a higher gear, if that is possible without burning out.  Hahaha

How are you all doing though?  Anything exciting going on, are you ready for Thanksgiving?

I'll come back and let you all know what my menu is, but right now I really should get into the kitchen to start dinner which will be a Chicken Pepper Pasta.  Hoping to get it finished before darkness falls so I can get a picture for the blog.

For now, you can head on over to Full Bellies, Happy Kids to get the recipe for these fluffy yummy Buttermilk Pancakes.  Your family will love them, I'm sure :)

The best ever fluffy buttermilk pancakes


Kathy Skinner (Kat) said...

I love that corner in your bedroom! A wood stove in the bedroom would be wonderful! With all that you have going on, I am surprised you have time to blog at all. I will be trying the Buttermilk Pancakes this weekend:)

Our Home Grown Adventures said...

The corner of your bedroom looks so warm and cozy! x

Liz said...

I can never get enough of your beautiful pictures.

That corner of your room looks so comfortable and warm. I love it.

I'm not a fan of the ice. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have anywhere to go, but the ice... Outside of an ice skating rink, my beverages, and my freezer, there isn't much of a need for ice.

We've been cold here too. I think they high today was 31. I've been inside in my pajamas all day. It's much too cold to go out.

Stay warm!

Christy said...

Everything you post looks so inviting! Your photos, your soup, your bedroom, all of it. Enjoy it and have a great week!