Saturday, November 9, 2013

# five senses saturday

Five Senses Saturday - 11/09/2013



- Duck Dynasty on the TV...what can I say, I love this show
- The wind blowing outside 
- Pugs snoring next to me 
- Nicholas telling me about his game
- Music on the radio


-  snow falling and the sun trying to peek through the clouds
- the kids doing Tae Kwon Do
- the place where my old house used to sit on base, it's now gone and there's nothing but trees 
- the wild rabbits we have in our horse pasture 
- my husband's face as he gets home from work, nothing better than that



- the beautiful soft yarn as I finish my scarf
- cold sharp wind that takes my breathe away 
- Lola's whiskers tickling my leg as she lays on it 
- hot water in the shower
- the cold door knob as I let the dogs out in the morning


Sesame Noodles
- Pizza fresh from the oven
- Girl Scout's coffee creamer 
- water with a slice of lemon 
- Sesame Noodles 
- Maui Onion Potato Chips

 Image credit:  Gimme Some Oven
- Slow cooked beef tacos cooking in the crockpot
- Lavender Febreeze 
- donuts, cakes and bread as I walk past the bakery
- Autumn Candle burning in the living room
- Chicken roasting in the oven

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