Wednesday, September 10, 2014


That is just what I've been doing the past two days.  Just living, doing usual stuff around here and not really having much time for anything other than that.

I do realize I didn't even get a chance to pop in yesterday to say hi, and much less to go read up all the Happy Homemaker Monday participants.  I will do that tomorrow as I have a much slower and not so busy day, planned.

How are you all doing?  I do hope everyone is well, healthy and happy.  We are doing ok here, just very busy, very stressed financially and I feeling quite drained emotionally too.

But you know what I realize in the middle of all this chaos?  That it always happens the minute I start trying to get closer to God.  Without fail, I will be tested, I will have things go wrong and I will be pushed to my breaking point.

Unfortunately with as many times as it happens to me, you would think I would be some expert at this life thing, and recognize the signs immediately.  Truth is, I am not, and I don't.  So I stumble and I fall about and cry and feel completely helpless for a few days until I see it for what it is.  I'm just thankful I do at some point see it, right???  :)


Now let me quickly show you what I've been doing, I have just a few moments from the past two days.  I can't stay very long and chat, as we need to head to Tae Kwon Do.

::::  We have found our groove homeschooling wise, and things seem to be running pretty smooth.   One thing I do is keep a folder with the lessons planned for every day, I write down everything we do for each subject and even page numbers in textbooks or things that need to be printed out.

Helps me keep track of what we're doing throughout the year.

Lesson Planning

::::  Lesson planning.  I don't do this for the girls, seeing as one is 15 and the other 17, they are old enough to get their stuff done completely on their own.  I do supervise and help here and there and basically make sure they are getting their work done, but I don't plan anything.

With the two boys it's different, I plan everything, I even get their stuff ready in their workbooks.  They are younger AND they are boys and they tend to try and gloss over everything.  If it were up to them they would just browse through the text, skip right on over anything to be done in their books and move on.  Big no no.

Truthfully, it IS a lot of work for me, but it makes things run so much smoother that I just can't not do it.

Lesson Planning

::::  I tried a new soup for lunch, yesterday.  I had bought it a while ago and never got around to trying it.  It was actually pretty good, I think I would buy it again.


::::  Sat down this morning for some coffee and a little knitting, with a certain project in mind.

Morning coffee and knitting

::::  After two cups of coffee I was knitting right along and finished what I was making.  Didn't take me too long but oh my word, the result is adorable.

Morning coffee and knitting

::::  A Mug Sweater, complete with mittens and a little pocket.  I am so in love with it, I can't even begin to tell you.  It has got to be the cutest thing ever.

Mug Sweater

Look at the little pocket?!?!?!?   Hubby says it is perfect to hold candy canes in the winter.  I tend to agree.

Mug Sweater

And because it knitted up so fast, I am going to make another tonight, and who knows, maybe a few more, might even give one away here on the blog.

Being that this was the first, there are quite a few things that I'm not exactly happy with, just some minor errors here and there but it is still the cutest thing ever.

What do you think???

Oh and by the way, I am always asked how I drink out of a mug with a cozy, and for me it's not an issue.  I usually fold the top down where I'm drinking and have never had a problem.  Besides I love drinking out of a mug with a cute little cozy around it.

Alright now I really need to skidaddle on out of here before we're late for Tae Kwon Do.

I'll be back in the morning with a Slow Cooking Thursday post.  :)


  1. Hello friend. I love the little sweater on the mug. Praying for you too.

  2. Hi
    How ever your day is , you are always positive and a real inspiration to me..
    I love the way you explain things to us and so to yourself which makes life a little easier.
    I too believe that some things are best left in the hands of God when you finish trying all that you could. Things fall into place and we learn to accept them as they are.

  3. That little mug sweater is adorable!

    'One day at a time' as the song says. God is our strength and with Him we can do all things.

    Your positive spirit is a blessing and you are an inspiration to many.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  4. I have crocheted cozies for our metal camping mugs. I keep them stored in our camper and they help keep track of whose cup is whose. And they keep our mug warm on cool mornings (and our hands too). I love them.

  5. That has to be the cutest mug sweater I've ever seen!! You are so talented with yarn and hooks! I'm still working on getting better at crochet and knitting.

    I totally feel the financial stress you are feeling. I try to give it to God on a daily basis. But fall short often. I wish we lived closer to each other to share coffee and hugs. I am praying for you all.

    I have to do the same with Andrew's schoolwork. Otherwise he would not get anything done. Have a blessed day.

  6. That is a sweet little mug warmer!

  7. That mug cozy is adorable! I am with you on the testing part. I am getting better at remembering sooner, but there is always some why me? on my part. What helps me is to remember that it is a pattern that we all face; even Jesus was tested when he communed in the desert with God for 40 days. It is part of being His disciple, strengthening our faith (if we let it, that is!). Praying you can feel that peace soon.

  8. Oh my goodness Sandra!! That is the cutest thing ever! I hear you about being happens. Do what you need to do for yourself and your family to recharge. I did just 2 weeks ago and its made such a difference! ;) Blessings


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