Monday, September 01, 2014

Weekend in Review

I can't believe it is Monday afternoon already, this long weekend sure flew by didn't it?

We didn't do anything special, didn't go camping or have barbecues or go anywhere at all, but still managed to have a packed weekend with lots of family time, which is always a good thing.

So let me tell you how it went and what we DID do.

Friday the kids didn't come over for homeschooling, as I mentioned in my Friday night post, but Jasmine did go sleep over at their house, so after dinner we went to drop her off and then end up staying until after 10pm just chatting with the family.

Saturday morning the hubster, Nicholas and I, set off for base.  I had to get groceries and just couldn't hold off doing it anymore, so we got that done and then on the way home, we picked Jasmine up from my brother's house.

I used to write up my menus and then throw them out when I was done using them for that week or two weeks, I also threw out the grocery list and the receipt etc.  But I've decided to start keeping them as a record, as I think it is going to help me figure out where the money is going, what we're eating and will also give me ideas for upcoming menus, plus show me around how much money I spent.

For that I bought a really cute notebook and will keep everything in there, let me show you....


I've dated the menus as I always do, but won't be tearing out the pages, will just leave them on for future reference.


I've also stapled my receipt onto the page so that I know how much I spent on that shopping trip, and also have the grocery list behind it to see what I bought.


I got some laundry done, picked up the house a bit and then sat down for a few minutes to relax, and that usually means some coffee, a delicious cookie and some knitting.


I just love how the leg warmers are turning out and it's one of those projects that don't require a lot of attention or counting of stitches, so I can grab it and work on it while I watch something on TV or even when I'm teaching the kids during school time.


I updated the chalkboard wall with the new menu for this upcoming week.  I didn't really get to do anything cute, just basically jotted down the days and the meals.  I think I will work on it tomorrow morning.

The family ended up coming over for a coffee late afternoon, we sat outside on the deck with the wonderful weather, and we got into talking and reminiscing again and before we knew it,it was 8:30pm.

Time just seems to fly, especially when you're in good company.

Sunday, I had nothing going on, so took it easy, relaxed, got some housework and a little more laundry taken care of and then stepped outside to take some pictures.  There are quite a few signs of Fall around.  Oh that makes me so very happy.

This is the Sycamore tree in my neighbors yard, but it hangs over onto ours and I just love looking at it.  See the seed balls?  A sure sign of Fall being just around the corner.


I am so looking forward to Fall.


Over on my other neighbors yard, his apple tree is filled to the brim.  Look at those delicious apples.


I would love to have an apple tree like this.  Maybe one day :)


There will be a lot of things I will miss about Summer, but these two below are something I really won't miss and matter of fact I am just dying for them to go away.


We have had the biggest flies around here, I actually thought they were bees at first, but nope, just really gross nasty ugly flies, and I can't stand them.   Gross!!


And these......*shiver*  

I'm glad they are in a spot that is not frequented by the dogs or us humans, but I really would prefer if they weren't there altogether.  Just creep me out.

Then last night, we decided to watch The Quiet Ones which is supposed to be quite a scary movie.  We all love a good scary one, and the funny thing is that I watch the whole movie through my fingertips, like that is supposed to do something or protect me somehow LOL  I don't know why I do that.

We ended up inviting my niece and nephew to come sleep over.  Tiffany loves scary movies and Colby was keeping Nicholas company because the boys don't watch stuff like this.

My brother and sister in law came to drop them off around 7pm, and again, we ended up at the kitchen table chatting and laughing until 11pm.  Hahahah

So by the time they left and we watched the movie, it was really really late. 

Today, started off quite slow, the kids all woke up pretty early and then my brother and sister in law came by around 10am to pick them up.......and wouldn't you know it, before we could blink, we were all at the kitchen table eating breakfast.  My husband made everyone omelettes and we had toast and some grilled ham and juice and coffee. 

Then went to hang out on the deck again, just chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather.  They ended up leaving around 3:30pm, I watched a quick vlog and now I am getting dinner finished up.

Made a simple Chicken Pot Pie, which is always a very welcome meal at my house, not only for it's simplicity but because it is so filling.

And that is it.....that was my weekend, and as you see nothing major went on but lots of unplanned family time which I love.

Tomorrow is back at it, another week of schooling is upon us, for some of us work and the usual homemaking chores.

I do so hope you've all had a lovely long weekend.  Let me know what you got up to and if you went anywhere fun, or watched anything good.



  1. I do the same thing with our menus. We pay cash for our groceries so its pretty much the same each week. It also helps with the over spending.

    Those cookies are my favorite!! Have a lovely evening. I cannot wait for fall either!!

  2. What a great weekend. Made me smile just reading about it. You are so organized ~ such an inspiration to the rest of us. Thanks and have a great week!

  3. sometimes the most fun times are the ones that just happen spontaneously. Sounds like a good weekend.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm a little jealous of all your wonderful time on the deck. We have a nice little patio out back to sit at the table and relax. I'm hoping for cooler (not cold) days for us to be able to comfortably sit outside and enjoy the time.

    I love the idea about the grocery list notebook. I went grocery shopping for two weeks today. My husband had me use his ipad for my lists. I've never done that before but it worked out so nice. When I get my ipad, I may do the same thing you are doing with your notebook. I like to keep paper records but I'm so short of space so for now, I'll have to settle.

    Wasps are the worst!!! I'm pretty sure, while everything has it's place and reason in the world, wasps are just around for tormenting scared people like me. Seriously, what is their purpose?

  5. Well, we had planned to go camping, but we ended up working most of it.

  6. I like the idea of stapling the receipt to the grocery list. A much easier less time consuming version of a price book. That's something I could actually do.

    I love unexpectd family time like that.

    We spent the weekend hunting appliances and I spent yesterday in bed trying to shake this horrible allergy cold. I'm feeling human today so it must have worked.

  7. I love weekends that just 'happen'. I can't wait to be back near bases for shopping - it makes good menus better.

  8. Keeping your menus and receipts and so on is a good idea. You are so organised I really admire that. xx

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. :-) I like keeping track of menu plans as well, it seems easier on really busy weeks when you just need a quick idea. I just bought a house with pear, apple and peach trees! Going to be an adventure adjusting to more land and getting our garden in order for next year. Have a great afternoon!



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