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Saturday, October 11, 2014


It's that time of the year folks.  You know the one where the minute Fall starts arriving, thousands of little bugs are flying around?

There are so many, you can't even step outside without being surrounded by them.  Tiny little specks in the air, flitting around the trees and the house.


I am not a bug person, they give me the heebie jeebies.  *shudder*

But, even I can admit that it does look kinda cool, especially when they are showered in sunlight. I seem to notice them more when the sun starts setting, because then it literally looks like the sky is filled with them, flying back and forth between the trees and the house.


I want so bad to photograph them, but it's not easy to do. In the photo above you can see some of them,they are the tiny flickers of light right above the fence line and by the trees.  It does make for some pretty photos doesn't it?

As annoying as they are, I still wouldn't change it for anything in this world, not when their arrival is on the heels of the beautiful change of seasons.


How gorgeous is the tree above?  It is almost like it's bathed in gold, right?

Ladybugs are all over the place too, and I have found quite a few in my house already.  I know these bugs are all looking for a warm place for winter, but if possible, I would rather they find a log or something outside and not share my space with me.

The ladybugs wouldn't be so bad, but the stink bugs is a big no no.

I am finding them hiding in my blinds, my living room curtains and climbing up the walls of the house outside.  BLECH!!

So tell me, how is Fall coming along in your neck of the woods, do you also have the Fall bugs all around?

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  1. Crickets! We have those small brown crickets EVERYWHERE! If you step outside at night it looks like the ground is moving there are so many. Did you have crickets in Arizona like we have in Nevada?

  2. We have the stink bugs all over here as well. We are going to be warming up here early next week so I know the lady bugs will be making an appearance. When it warms up we get a bunch of them. I cannot stand bugs either!

  3. I saw a couple of ladybugs in the garden last week, when it was a bit warmer, and a stink bug on the truck a few days ago. We have a big storm right now, pushed over from the typhoon on the other side of the ocean apparently, so a lot of critters have gone to ground right now. Even the Steller's jays are quiet today, which is saying something! LOL

  4. Some bugs I like and some I most certainly do not! I stepped on a spider barefoot the other day and about freaked out and was ready to scrub my foot off!

  5. Here in Oz I am attacking the spring bugs lol That is a beautiful tree and like your pictures ☺

  6. I actually haven't seen too many stink bugs this year. I hate those things. We have a lot of crickets and cicadas. I'm not a fan of bugs but I do love the fall.

  7. Our fall is slowly setting in here in the south. We had a week of nicer temperatures and you can smell the difference in the air. We have a few more weeks before the leaves start turning. Sadly by the time they do start winter is already knocking down our door. I really do miss living somewhere that all four seasons are truly present.

    I love the photo of the bugs above the fence. Such a stunning shot.

  8. We have had so many really big spiders trying to get into the house, and several have, I am terrified of spiders and insects and flying things, so it hasn't been a good time for me! xx

  9. The changing colours are also my favourite things. Our trees are slowly changing here, but I have promised myself a trip to see Fall in the USA next October. Hopefully!

  10. Yep, those bugs are quite a sight to greet the passing of a season. However, they're going to pose the rest of your potential problems, especially when they start infesting your home. It's best if they are maintained as visuals and do not impede the rest of your days. I hope you get rid of those stink bugs in no time. Take care!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest, Inc.


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