Monday, March 4, 2019

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 03/04/2019 }

Good Morning everyone and a very Happy Monday to you all :)

It's is just gone 7:18am and I've been up since 5am.  My poor husband woke up with a bad headache and of course that woke me up, so he took something for that and then we both just laid in bed and chatted until 6am.

I had to get up, make coffee, make his lunch and also finish off two cakes that he was taking into work.  One was a Victoria Sponge and the other a Tres Leches Cake.  His cowokers have been asking if I could make something and I've put it off for two weeks because I just haven't had the time.  I'm sure they will appreciate their goodies today.

I'm getting this post up and then I have to get dressed for the day, prepare Jasmine's work lunch and take her into work.  It's going to be a really busy week with lots of homemaking and running around as she's basically working every day.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a blessed and amazing week ahead.   Right, let's get on with our Happy Homemaker Monday. 

The Weather:::

Quite cold this morning, it is a mere 15 degrees.  Brrr!!!! 

Monday - AM clouds, PM sun, 32º
Tuesday - Sunny, 45º
Wednesday - Mostly sunny, 53º
Thursday - Cloudy, 68º
Friday - Cloudy, 63º
Saturday - Partly cloudy, Wind, 72º
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 63º

Right now I am:
Actually in bed, under my covers with my laptop on my lap.  I am so cold, I have the heater on and Marley sleeping next to me.


Just thinking about what I need doing this week and hoping I don't forget something. 

On my reading pile:::
Corpse and Crown by Alisa Kwitney.

On my tv:::

Call the Midwife
When Calls the Heart - Last night's new episode
Homemaking Vlogs on Youtube

Favorite Blog or blog post this week:::
I was pottering around with my template yesterday afternoon, and I ended up going back a few years, well, many years, on my blog and then got lost in the comments and the bloggers that used to follow me.  I then went and looked up their blogs, and unfortunately many are no longer blogging, others stopped updating, and others have deleted their blogs entirely.  It was quite sad because I would have loved to catch up with them.  One of those older blogs that I absolutely loved and unfortunately is no longer being updated, was Kelli's There is no place like home.
If you've been here since the beginning, I'm pretty sure you'll know who Kelli is.  Wish she hadn't stopped blogging. 

Something fun to share:::
Today's website is really cool too, it is called Unsplash.  It is a website filled with FREE high quality photos for anyone to download.  I have found some really pretty ones to use as my desktop wallpaper.  Give it a try :) 

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Beef and Cheese Stuffed Bread Rolls, Fries 
Tuesday - Tortellini with Homemade tomato sauce, Salad
Wednesday - Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken, Rice
Thursday -  Baiao (Brasilian Rice with beans and sausage), Steamed Broccoli
Friday - Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Fried Brussell Sprouts with Bacon
Saturday - Loaded Tater Tot Chicken Casserole, Salad
Sunday - Leftovers, Sandwiches or Pizza

On my to do list:::
Laundry - Iron and fold bed linens I washed this weekend, Wash bathroom rugs 
Homeschooling - Another video we need to record for Sign Language

Homemaking - I have a ton of dishes in the sink from last night, I had a full on baking day in the kitchen and tried to wash as I went, but it became overwhelming and I just gave up and said "tomorrow".  Of course walking into the kitchen this morning meant that I wanted to turn right around and run out, but we will get them done.

Looking around the house:::
The office is a total tip.  Marley got a new toy from daddy and immediately pulled it's inside stuffing out.  This dog LOL  I need to pick it all up and try to restuff the toy and give it a quick stitching.
The rest of the house is not bad, I do want to switch over the couches and dining table again, I always switch them around when Spring/Summer come around. 

From the camera:::
Love this coffee mug, it always reminds me to stop and let go of any stress or worry I may have.

Bible verse, Prayer, Devotional:::
My devotional this morning and I thought I would share with you all.


  1. Waking up with a headache is no fun... it was a rough morning here as well... it always is on a Monday after having some time off.... Have a great week!

  2. Hope you have a great week, somtimes a rough start makes for a great week afterwards.

  3. I hope Curt is feeling better, that's no way to start a cold Monday morning. It's so sad how many people have quite blogging. I recently did a "clean out" too and "tried" to visit so many places that just no longer exist. I am going to try Unspalsh though - sounds fun. GREAT inspiration - Have a GREAT week!

  4. Hope your husband's headache goes away or is already gone by now. My son has been after me to try making a Tres Leches cake for a long time, what recipe did you use? Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. I used to LOVE Kelli's blog, too. That sugar cookie cake recipe she posted is still a favorite. Another blog I used to love was Like Merchant Ships - did you ever follow that? Sometimes I will go through and read old posts. Even though these ladies aren't updating, I still find myself picking up a good idea or something thoughtful from their older posts.

  6. Your menu for the week sounds great. I do hope your husband feels better.

  7. Hello Dearest! It is sad that blogging seems to be less since instagram and other social media have taken over more. Wonder if Kelli is on insta or something?
    YOur menu sounds yummy and your cakes too! Lucky Hubby and gang! ;) I hope you're going to share the thai peanut chicken one - sounds so good!

    Love your mug and inspiration. True divine peace. Wishing you a wonderful week Sandra. xoxo

  8. Enjoyed reading your post today, Sandra. Hope your dh is feeling better. So...can anyone order up one of those cakes??? If so, just send one of each my way! LOL! (I'm just kidding! Sounds delicious though! What a treat!) I hear your heart when talking about all the people that used to blog and no longer do...blogs and Christian ladies publications both! They had such a place in reaching out and ministering to others in so many ways. It's sad when they're gone...sort of like the death of a dear friend. Truly sad. :( Well...I hope your Monday is going well and that you've warmed up a bit. Have a nice evening and a wonderful week ahead! Blessings! <3

  9. I too have recently discovered a host of blogs I used to read are no longer on the web. I wonder what happened and where they went. It sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

  10. Looking at older blogs makes me sad too. Blogging certainly isn't what it used to be! I love your mug, and your inspiration behind it! Hope you have a great week, thanks so much for hosting this every week!!! :) Your blogs is one of my favorites :)

  11. Yum, tortellini. I'll do that tomorrow night, too! Thanks for hosting! I will take a peek at Kelly's blog as well.


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