Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bowling Anyone?!?!?!?

Ok I only have a few minutes to post, then I have to finish cleaning my house. Just in a few hours it will be Jasmine's birthday party, but I still need to pick up some ice cream and a few other things.

Here is what gets me about birthday parties. You put in the RSVP for a reason, or at least I thought so. A lot of the kids who are going, called ahead of time, and didn't hear from anyone else, the others kept saying they weren't going, soooooo when I made the party favors, I got just enough for the DEFINITES and 5 extra. Now all of a sudden 3 more kids say they're going, one says he's not sure yet, the other says the mother is still thinking about it, and so forth.
I don't know what the whole etiquette is for rsvp'ing, but COME with me here!!!!
Now my worry is that more kids will show up and I won't have enough party favors. So I've decided, it's in God's hands, whatever happens happens and it will be ok.
*Wash my hands off of it and move on*

So as I was saying, I want to leave my house clean before I go to the party because I know that when I get back, I will be in NO mood to clean. Curt just got home at 6am this morning, and goes back in tonight at 6pm, so he won't be going to help set up and decorate, he will just show up right before it starts.
Thank God for friends like Veronica, who said she'll go over at noon with me to help get things done.

Well I better go, wish me luck. Tons of kids, cake and bowling, I'm sure it will be a CRAZY day.
I'll be back later with tons of pics I'm sure. :)

If you want a good laugh, go on over to Toni's blog, her entry this morning was too funny :)


  1. Have a GREAT party Jasmine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your comment about RSVPing is so true I run into that everytime there is a birthday party around here. I hope you have a good time with all those kids!! I love your blog it is very uplifting! Gloria

  3. HUGE peeve of mine, that RSVP thing. Happy bowling party day! hope it goes well and don't worry about the party favors. We bowled for E's last bday party and it was a total blast!

  4. Court - YAY you stopped by :) How's Matt doing? Thank you, Jasmine is all excited about it :)

    Gloria - Thanks for dropping by :) Will be posting pics and and update on the party later today :)

    rabbit - Isn't it frustrating? The kids are so excited about the bowling, so it will be fun and plus I don't have to worry about fitting 23 kids in my house LOL

  5. No way! This is so ironic. I organized a bowling event for our FRG today and the RSVP's got me a little confused, too!! What gets me are the lane reservations. You don't want to pack everyone onto the same lane, so you want to get enough lanes. But then some people you find out didn't RSVP and want to come, and some RSVP'd but don't plan on coming. How do you ever plan with that?! E

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Jasmine!! Have a splendid party today!!

  7. Happy birthday Jasmine!! Have fun bowling!
    My little girl went bowling with Sparks for the first time ever last week. She enjoyed it but I'm not sure she has a future in it ;-) Thanks for the link LOL. Glad I made you laugh. My friends all made me laugh--what would we do without them????

  8. I'm with you on the RSVP thing. I either have too much left or not enough. I realize things come up, but usually I'm off by 5 or so. My biggest pet peeve though, on parties has become the dropping your children off to me and leaving. I have 3 kids of my own thank you very much, I don't have time to watch yours too. (Maybe I should state that in the invites)

  9. I hope the party was perfect :)

  10. Emily - LOL we must have been in sync with the bowling parties. Hope yours went well. :)

    momrn2 - Thank you so much :)

    toni - LOL I just had to post the link cause that was too funny. Jasmine loved bowling :)

    the mother load - LOL see I have the same problem, usually I don't mind them dropping off the kids, but I would prefer they ask first LOL

    melany - Thanks :) She had a GREAT time :)


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