Friday, April 21, 2006

The Joys of Motherhood!!!

This post is bitter sweet for me. Yesterday after picking up Jasmine from school we had a rough time.

If there is one thing that I can't stand is disrespect and deliberatly ignoring me. I'm sure at this point a lot of moms are nodding their heads in approval because they know exactly what it's like. Jasmine is about to turn 7 and let's just say that ever since she started school at 5 years old, things have been.....INTERESTING!!!!
I love that little girl with all my heart and soul but there are days that I just want to strangle the living daylights out of her, not that I would EVER do it......but you know that feeling of "Dear God, help me calm down and relax or I will loose it for good".

I won't go into details but Jasmine pushed me to the breaking point yesterday. I swear it's like having a teenager in the house. I've never come across a child that is more opinionated or strong willed, than her.
So after fighting for an hour it all culminated in her turning to me and saying "I DON'T WANT YOU, YOU'RE MEAN, YOU DON'T LOVE ME".
All this because she couldn't ride her scooter WHEN she wanted to.

Had this happened a couple of months ago, I would have spanked her and yelled and screamed and pulled my hair out and just not understood what I was doing wrong.
BUT if you're familiar with my blog, you know the journey I've been on and you know the lessons God has been teaching me. WOW what better way than to throw me to the wolves (not literally but you know).
Here I was faced with EVERYTHING that I had been learning. My wanting something to be done right here and now.

It's pathetic that at times I would find myself negotiating with God. I would pray for something that I wanted to happen and then I would get sooooooo mad that it wasn't happening when I wanted it to, sound familiar???? Jasmine wanting to ride the scooter RIGHT NOW or never.
And what happens when it doesn't happen according to her liking? She feels that I'm mean, that I just don't love her, after all how could I, if I won't do what she wants WHEN she wants it.
It's like I could hear God in my ear going "See, I told you so, how does that make you feel?".

Ok Lord, I GET the message.

So moving on, I hope you have some hot coffee or tea nearby, this is going to be a long post LOL

This morning we decided to walk to school, the weather has been really nice lately, not as much rain and temperatures in the 70's. It wasn't warm or cold, it was just comfortable. A bit crisp, but it felt wonderful to get out and enjoy the morning sun.
Had it been any other time, I would have just dropped her off and then rushed to get home, so preocupied with everything else going on. BUT this morning, Jasmine rode the infamous scooter to school and on the way back, Nicholas asked me to push him on it.
Well it was more of a get on and I'll pull thing.
But it caused me to slow down and take longer getting back to the house. I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed it. What a beautiful day it is, there are tons of whistle pigs running around, beautiful flowers blossoming everywhere and the sun shining so bright. Definitely put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. Come rain or shine, I'm going to just smile and not let anything get me down!!!!

I have to get Jasmine's birthday cake ordered today and then I need to go get the decorations and the party favors etc. Going to be busy busy busy.
I'm so glad that my friend Veronica will be able to help me tomorrow, Curt won't be up early because he's working from 10pm to 7am tomorrow morning.

You know what I just remembered? It's friday, so that means another "Remember When???".
For today I have a funny story about my dad, so dad, I'm sorry to tell it on here, but I know you'll get a good laugh out of it :)

I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I know it was either 11 or 12, somewhere around there.
We lived in South Africa but being that we are portuguese, we always tried to go to the portuguese social gatherings that were taking place around Johannesburg.

One day we decided to go to one. We got there, they were serving lunch and they had dancing and a band playing etc.
The day progressed really well, we had a lot of fun. Somewhere around 5pm my two older brothers and my dad decided that they wanted to go watch the soccer game that was about to start.
So my stepmom and my youngest brother and I stayed behind and just hung out and ate and talked etc.

The sun started to go down just before the game was finished. On the way to the game, my brothers and dad noticed that the field and surrounding area were still under construction, there were huge holes everywhere, where they had dug up the dirt and created a little hill besides each one. It wasn't like one or two holes, the area was covered in holes so you had to be careful where you walked.

I'm sure by now you can tell where there is going LOL
So on the way back from the game, they are walking, and it's dark and there's all these holes. So they see my dad start walking up one of these hills, my brothers both start saying "Hey dad, don't go that way, there's a hole on the other side", but he decides not to listen and keeps going. He comes down the other side, realizes there's a hole and tries to jump, but only ends up falling inside LOL
Apparently it had been raining the day before because the holes were filled with mud LOL

He was SOOOOOOOO mad. He gets out of the hole and from his chest down he is covered in mud. Needless to say, he comes running in the building all mad, and says "we're leaving NOW". We just look at him wondering where the heck he came from and why he had mud all over him. LOL

We pile in the car and he starts driving. He is fuming so he's driving really fast, and my stepmom keeps asking "are you ok?" and he just yells he's fine.
She asks again "are you sure? did you hurt anything when you fell?". Finally he snaps and yells at her "how would you like it if you had fallen in a hole and broken your glasses?". WOW that shut her up fast LOL

So there you have it, that's another memory that we always think back on and just laugh and laugh. The expression on dad's face when he was covered in mud, was priceless.

And that's it, I'm outta here, my coffee is cold and my toast is soggy and besides I have tons of stuff to do today and want to get started. Have a wonderful friday everyone and remember to keep smiling, no matter how things may seem :)


  1. Now I can have a good laugh about it but on that day I felt like killing somebody. But it is all memories!

  2. My oldest daughter is sooo hard-headed and stubborn! And she always has been.

    By ten years old I was ready to give her away to the Gypsies. Now, though, she's nearly 14 and so hardworking and responsible I'm constantly amazed.

    It's definately worth it... But not sure I'd have the strength to do another one like her!

  3. Dad - hahahaha I remember how upset you were and you could almost see the smoke coming out of your ears, now we can all laugh about it and remember the good times :)

    airforcewife - lol see, that's how I was feeling, just wanted to give her to the first unknowing taker. I love her to death, but OMG I can't handle the stubborness and the "I want to do what I want to do" attitude.

  4. I know I have years ahead of my of attitude, so I am enjoying my baby while he is not able to do so. Just stumbled onto your blog. Great last sentence. That is what God has been speaking to me lately is to remain joyful no matter what the circumstances. Keep smiling!

  5. emilyrosejewel - So glad you found my blog :) I just went over to yours and loved reading your entries, I've added you to my blogroll :) God Bless :)

  6. Thanks for visiting the Hutch and commenting, too! :) I can SO identify with that 7 year old little girl thing...hang in there. Bravo to you for finding peace and a learning moment through it all!

  7. rabbit - thank you so much for stopping by :) I love reading your blog every morning. I'm glad someone else understands the 7 year old girl thing, boy it's hard at times LOL

  8. I console myself by thinking we'll have an easier adolescence after this 6-7 year old girl thang we got goin' on, but then I realize I'm probably just high for thinking that..... :D

  9. I haven't followed you on your journey in this blog and didn't realize that some of the issues you have dealt with are similar to mine. I sure wish I could have taken that journey with you. I used to lose my temper for everything and would beg God to take me out of my misery. I've come a long way and have been patient with my kids, husband, myself, and God. I've realized that the energy I put forth into "losing it" was wasted and not well-thought out. I can't say I'm patient at all times, especially when I'm suffering with a migraine, but I do try harder to make each moment a teachable one, not a terrible one.

  10. rabbit - LOL I think I have those moments too, but probably after having multiple cups of coffee LOL

    the mother load - I sure wish you would have found my blog sooner :) BUT you know I'm on a constant journey, so you can just jump right on it. I used to think that I was the only one going through these issues but once I started jotting them down on here, I realized there are a lot of moms out there going through the same. :)


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