Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What a Beautiful Day!!!

I decided to go back to this template just because I wanted some flowers for the spring , and until I find a template I really like, I'm sticking with this one :)

Yesterday was cold and started out at about 27 degrees, it pretty much stayed that way until much later in the afternoon.

BUT we decided to walk to Jasmine's school to pick her up. On the way back Jasmine and Scottie (her friend) were running through the grass when we started hearing this squish squish sound, and realized that the whole school field was soaking wet. I guess they had been watering it LOL
So Veronica and I start calling to them to get out of there, and we turn around and see Nicholas and Sydney who are both 3 years old, walking through the grass too and complaining that their feet are wet LOL
I was wearing sandals but thought I could just go grab them real quick. I step onto the grass and my feet just sink about 6 inches in......I lift my right foot to walk and my sandal stays behind LOL
We just had to laugh, it was so funny at the time.

So I spent yesterday just lazing around and trying to get over this cold I have.
Then last night at bathtime, the kids asked me to get in there with them and I thought "ok what the heck".

Now you have to realize I'm usually the mom going "stop that, don't splash"....."oh look now you got the whole bathroom wet"......"cut it out guys, I'm trying to wash you and you're getting my clothes all wet".
BUT last night I decided to just relax and let loose so to speak LOL

I climbed in there and then grabbed an empty shampoo bottle, filled it with water and sprayed it on the ceiling, which in turn made the water come splashing down on them like rain. THEY thought that was the funniest thing on earth and I have to say that we had a blast doing it.
It feels good to sometimes just stop being the disciplinarian and the strict one, and just get in there and have fun.

This morning while doing my daily blog reading, I was amazed at how much Chaotic Mom sounded like me. Go on over and read her entry from yesterday about Stressed out Mommy. I'm sure a lot of us can relate to that feeling :)

I'm going to make this one short, I have to head out to buy Jasmine's birthday presents, she's so excited that a lot of her classmates are going to attend her birthday party on Saturday.

Will definitely be back later with more updates on what is going on in tater land.


  1. You are so right on the money. I LOVE being silly sometimes with my boys. Their laughter really makes my day a bit brighter. ;)

    I like your springy look, too! Very calming. LOVE the flowers.

  2. Have to admit -- so love this template. It's my favorite.

    Ahh! I so need your skills in menu planning. Last night the extent of my dinner was a can of spaghettios. Did I mention I'm meeting with a nutritionist on Friday? She'll be appalled at my food log. So after she yells at me, I'm returning back to your site for tips on grocery shopping and food planning. Even if it is only me, I can do better than what I am doing now. :)

  3. chaotic mom - Thank you :) So glad you stopped by my blog, just love reading yours every morning :)

    Emily - I'm so glad you like this template, me too, I just love the flowers :) LOL can't wait to hear what the nutritionist're right, even if it's just you, you can still have delicious and easy meals, pretty inexpensive too :)

  4. Sandra:
    I love the look of all your blogs...may I ask where you find your templates? Do you make them?

    Julie @ Everyday Mommy

  5. Julie - Thank you :) I get them from Templates from Caz, there's a link on my sidebar for it. She's got some pretty good ones. I got most from her, but I modified the one for my Pug, I took her template and made my own graphics for it :)


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