Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's that time of year!


Even though we really don't get the full effect of Fall around here, no changing of the leaves, no beautiful reds and oranges showering the trees or really cool temperatures, there still seems to be a certain something in the air.

Maybe it's because I'm a firm believer in making the best of every situation, so even though the weather may not be cooperating, it doesn't mean that I can't pretend that it is and so, I treat this time of the year, as if I were in Idaho or somewhere where there are actually four seasons.

It's kind of what I've been doing around here, bringing out the fall decorations, preparing for Halloween, lighting the pumpkin scented candles and sprinkling some pumpkin spice or cinnamon into my morning coffee.


All over the house you'll find jars filled with Candy Corn, not only do I love the taste of these goodies but I think they're so cute.


The outside decorations have also started sprouting up here and there.....


There's also lots of crocheting going on, and baking and cooking and just plain old living.

There may be times when it seems that I'm not blogging as much as usual and I know a few of you get a little worried and email me, I truly appreciate your concern, but rest assured that I'm fine, I'm here, I'm just busy with mommy and wifely duties. 

I do tend to blog more around this time of the year so I'm looking forward to getting back into some routine, besides I have a bunch of reviews and contests coming up, some of which will make some great Christmas presents, so stay tuned for that.

I'm off to read a little more, I'll back in the morning and I'll even bring Cinnamon Rolls, will you meet me back here for another visit?

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