Saturday, October 23, 2010



I absolutely love nighttime, not necessarily going out at night but being able to sit down on my patio furniture with a glass of wine and enjoy the evening.


We have one of the most stunning full moons tonight and I only wish I could fully capture it on camera, but shooting at night time is one of the hardest things to do.....maybe not for all the brilliant photographers out there with the special cameras with all the doodads, but for a stay at home mom with a pretty inexpensive simple camera, yes.

Even so, it didn't stop me from stepping outside and snapping some shots to share with you all.


We're having a barbecue, pretty late at night for us considering we're early folk and usually eat dinner around 5pm.  It's 7:40 and we just couldn't help it, it's a beautiful night, with nothing but a few wispy clouds in the sky, not a breeze in sight and the scents of fall all around mingled with grills, the only sounds I hear right now are my children playing on the swing set (in the dark), my pugs sniffing around in the yard and the crackling of my candles on the table.


It's pure bliss!


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