Sunday, May 22, 2011

31 Days of Prayer for my Husband

Do you remember when I did this back in 2009???

Well I've decided to do it again starting the 1st of June.

We pray for ourselves and for our family, we pray for friends and for world peace and for so many other things in between, but I feel that the one thing I often neglect to pray for is my husband.  Not to say that I don't, but I don't think I give it the time and attention that he deserves.

So starting June 1st 2011, I'm setting off on another month's long journey to pray for my husband.

If you participated in the last one then you know how it works, but if you didn't, here's a quick run down.

Every day I will post the Prayer for that day along with a few scriptures.  I will also have Mr Linky up.  All you need to do if you're joining in, is pray for your husband that day and add your name to Mr Link just so that we can see how many wonderful women are out there praying for their husbands.

That's it, that's all :)

I will have the prayers on the blog's facebook page as well, as a reminder.

So what do you say?  Will you join me in praying for the wonderful men in our lives.

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