Monday, May 16, 2011

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So what has been going on around here???

Hey everyone, why don't you come on in and sit with me a little.

Let's chat, I think there's a lot to catch up on isn't there?  I've been so busy the past few weeks, well months really that I'm truly ecstatic at the prospect of Summer time and being lazy.

Like I mentioned already, we're done with our school year and I actually just received the mailing labels from Connections Academy so that I can go ahead and get all the materials sent back and receive the new ones for the coming year.

The kids and I have been enjoying staying up a little later, waking up long after the sun is shining and just taking it easy all day long.  It's been a much welcomed break for us all.

I've also been spending a lot more time in the kitchen, canning and cooking and baking and reorganizing.  I've gone through my cabinets and my pantry and gotten rid of a lot of appliances, books etc that I don't use or need anymore.  It feels great to see the shelves with just the stuff I do use often.

I've made a huge batch of Tomato and Apple Jam and have some jars in the pantry that will last me up to 2 years, not that they'll make it anywhere near that, these poor things won't even see it to the end of 2 months if they're lucky LOL

There's also been batches of my Homemade Salsa and those jars are sitting next to the Jam.

Is there anything like looking at your shelves in the pantry and seeing them all lined up with homecooked goodness that you canned yourself??

I've also made my Piri Piri Sauce which is a Portuguese Hot Sauce that you just HAVE to try :)  Oh and then there's things like Tres Leches Cake and Pasta Bolognese and Homemade Guacamole.  Just to name a few.

My garden out back has been receiving a lot of my time as well, I'm just loving watching these seeds grow into actual food that we can eat, it's an amazing process.

It feels good taking it easy and just going with the flow.  No rushing, no schedules to keep, no schooling to plow through, even though I have to say that this Homeschooling thing has definitely been the best decision we could ever have made.  Every single day is a learning experience for us and my kids are learning so much more than they did when they were in public school.  Praise the Lord.

So what else has been going on?

Well I've been enjoying my TV shows and my movies and reading lots and lots of books.

I also have a few more book reviews to do and then I promise, you won't see a product review or giveaway for the rest of the summer.  I'm taking a break from it all to just enjoy life and believe it or not, as much as I enjoy doing reviews, it does get overwhelming at times and right now, I'm all about taking it easy and not having to worry about anything.

This week I'm also having to say goodbye to a dear friend.  It's one of the cons of being a military family, you make friends fast but you equally say goodbye just as quick.

So there you go, that's what I've been doing around here.  I'm looking forward to taking things slow and spending more time here on my blog.

Oh and before I leave, here's a recent pic of my girl who is now 12 years old.  She's growing so fast and just amazes me every single day.

I totally want her hair, like really badly.  She has the most stunning color and natural curls ever.  So unfair isn't it?  Hahah

Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday evening and sending you best wishes for a great rest of week :)

God Bless!

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