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Xylitol and Erythritol All Natural Sweetener

I was contacted a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to try Xylitol and Erithritol which are all natural sweeteners.

I said yes because I am all about trying healthy stuff and putting into my body things that are natural and not full of chemicals.  I will admit that the names had me a little perplexed, it makes it sound like some kind of medicine or something doesn't it?  LOL

Another thing that caught my eye is that it's Diabetic safe and having Diabetic family members on both sides of the family, I thought it would be a great way to learn more about these sugars, to try them out for myself and see if it's something I would consider switching to.  With anything that is organic or natural, the cost of course is the biggest issue for me but sometimes you have to make a sacrifice here and there.

First let me tell you about these products:

The Benefits of Xylitol
  • 40% fewer calories than sucrose & found naturally in many common fruits & veggies
  • Produced by our own body so its a safe alternative to risky sugar-free products
  • Xylitol is alkaline-enhancing vs. sugar’s acid-forming so bacteria cannot use it for energy
  • Scientific research confirms that Xylitol can improve dental health & it tastes good!
  • Results have shown it doesn’t increase blood sugar levels
  • It is healthy – wow a sugar that’s healthy, an answer to our prayers!
Xylitol, is natures natural sweetener, but is it really natural?
The name Xylitol (Zi-LA-Tol) may conjure up images of a mad scientist mixing some exotic new chemical compound in a laboratory or perhaps the image of some distant planet in some science fiction story.  In reality, neither is true.
A natural compound, Xylitol looks and tastes just like sugar. It is found naturally in many common fruits and vegetables, and it is even produced in our bodies during normal metabolism.

Good news for diabetics
Xylitol as a product was first derived from Birch trees in Finland in the 19th century and was popularized in Europe as a safe sweetener for diabetics that would not impact insulin levels.
Possessing approximately 40% less food energy(calories), Xylitol is a low-calorie alternative to refined and artificial sugars. Absorbed more slowly than sugar, it doesn’t contribute to high blood sugar levels or the resulting hyperglycemia caused by insufficient insulin response.

Xylitol also appears to have potential as a treatment for osteoporosis. A group of Finnish researchers have found that dietary Xylitol prevents weakening of bones in laboratory rats, and actually improves bone density.

Using xylitol in cooking is very easy. You can use it in replacement of sugar in many recipes.

Xylitol is very sweet tasting so less can normally be used in recipes where it replaces sugar.

Xylitol is great for baking cakes and biscuits and other baking. It is also great to sweeten yogurts or custards with even homemade ice cream.

You will not gain weight using xylitol like you would using sugar so enjoy some guilt free treats.

To learn more about the Xylitol you can visit their website.  Did you know that Xylitol is even good for your teeth?  Yeah, I was shocked to learn that, I mean, for so many years we've been told that sugar is bad for us and for our teeth and to find a sugar that is actually good???  Yep.  I'm all for that.

I baked the Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe that came with the Xylitol and they were pretty good, I didn't really notice a difference in using this sugar as opposed to the one I usually have in the house....and truthfully, I can now enjoy sweets without worrying about putting on weight.  PERFECT!

 If you would like to try the Xylitol products for yourself, you can head on over to the website and get 10% off your first order.  Just enter coupon code:  FIRST


Now onto the Erythritol which is another natural's actually a sugarless sweetener that comes from corn and is 70% as sweet as sugar but has 0 calories. 

What is Erythritol?
Erythritol is a natural sweetener that looks and tastes like sugar yet has only 0.2 calories per gram – sugar has 3.75 calories per gram. Classified as a sugar alcohol or polyol, erythritol can be manufactured from starches or extracted from plants. It’s naturally occurring in our bodies, as well as in fruits, vegetables and certain fermented foods like yogurt and cheese.
Erythritol is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar and scores a zero on the glycemic index while sugar scores a 68. Therefore, erythritol does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels. Erythritol is unique among sugar alcohols as 90% of it is absorbed – but not metabolized – in the small intestine and then eliminated through normal bodily functions. As a result, it has the highest digestive tolerance of all sugar alcohols.

The first thing I tried the Erythritol was in my coffee.  Though I usually use Sweet n Low, I wanted to try this one and it tasted the same.  In other words, it didn't alter the taste of my coffee in any way, shape or form and that is a huge plus for this coffee lover.

I have not yet baked or cooked anything with the Erythritol but there are quite a few recipes out there on the net floating around and from what I'm seeing, it's very good.  Like Creme Brulee with Erythritol which turns out to be low calories and low carbs as well.  Who knew???  Will definitely be giving that one a try.

Again, if you would like to take a look at the products available, head on over to Emerald Forest.   As with the Xylitol, you can use the coupon code:  FIRST  for 10% off on your first order.

Thank you to Matt Willer for sending me both the Xylitol and the Erythritol samples to review.  I did not receive any monetary reward or any instructions as to what my review should be.  All opinions are mine alone.


  1. Great post! I was curious to know whether or not you tried baking with erythritol and if you did how your recipes turned out. Cheers.

  2. Wow! its great because if love xylitol gums its natural and sugar free

  3. thanks to share nice informative blog related to Xylitol, its very nice for diabetic person

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