Monday, May 23, 2011

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It's therapeutic, at least to me.

I don't see housework as a chore, I tend to take great pleasure in making my house a home for my family.

First thing, getting rid of this ghastly sight in the kitchen sink,


after the dishes and giving the sink a good scrub down, I watered the flowers on the window sill, then set about clearing out some clutter from the counters, reorganizing, getting rid of stuff we don't need and don't use.  Kitchen looks and feels so much lighter and fresher.


and then I spent the whole day puttering around.....


First thing on the list, stripping down the bed linens and all into the washer they went


While those swished around in there, I got to work sorting through all the laundry.  I think this is a very accurate depiction of what you'll see daily around here.


I love these laundry bags, they make sorting so much easier and it's all color coordinated, all I have to do is dump the whole contents into the washer and get it going.


While in the laundry room, I looked into the pantry which is IN the laundry room and I just had to smile.  I don't think you can ever have enough mason jars, do you?


After sorting the laundry, I started a batch of homemade cookies and cream ice cream, complete with the oreo cookies.  I love hearing the churn, churn, churn as the machine works on the counter.


Got the chicken marinating for dinner.  I grilled a whole chicken the Portuguese way, all that goodness is Piri Piri Sauce and I added a little bit of white wine too.  Covered it up with plastic wrap and it sat in the fridge for about 3 hours, then placed it on the grill and got it nice and crispy.


While the chicken marinated and the laundry washed, the kiddos and I sat down for an afternoon snack....our ice cream was at the soft serve stage and it was delicious.


Spent the afternoon, ironing, folding and remaking the beds with the clean fresh linens and by the time I looked at the clock it was time to throw the chicken on the grill, make a quick salad to serve it with and set the table.


Now THIS is a Frango no Churrasco (Portuguese Grilled Chicken).  It smelled divine while it was grilling and it tasted unbelievable.  I still have a breast and a wing leftover which will be used for a chicken salad for tomorrow's lunch.


Some may think of housework as a chore or an annoyance, I choose to enjoy it and give it my all and the truth is that after a full day of doing my cleaning and tidying up and cooking, I always end the day in a good mood.

Right now, I'm sitting in bed, ready to turn off this laptop and read for a little before turning in for the night.

Have an early morning as I'm getting up before dawn with my hubby to give him a hug and kiss and wish him good luck on his 6 month PT test.  These military tests are extremely strict right now and I feel awful for the guys, they work so hard at staying fit but still walk into the test a total nervous wreck.  Please keep him in your prayers.

I wish you all a wonderful good night and blessings.

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