Saturday, May 28, 2011


5:30am found me slipping out of bed and slowly dragging myself into the living room.

I don't usually get up that early but for the last week I have been up bright and early to watch the Casey Anthony Trial.  What can I say?  I have been following the story since the very first day and I just want to see it all unfold.

This morning though, one of the reasons I was up that early is that we're puppy sitting for one of hubby's troops.  A very cute blackish pug called Neessa.  Very cute, very NON house trained, very NON night sleeper and very NON disciplined puppy.

Oh boy!

Do I even need to explain the stresses?  Friday night I was up literally all.night, got absolutely no sleep at all so by the time morning rolled around I was just exhausted and found myself fighting a headache and sleep all day long, it has just been stressful.

Maybe hubby and I are just getting too old for changes, we just enjoy the life we have right now with our kiddos and our two pugs, we all have a certain rhythm we follow, a quiet relaxed movement that has been completely thrown upside down by the presence of this puppy in our home.


She's mighty adorable but we are counting down the days until Monday.

So with all this stress and change and no sleep, last night I literally zonked out at 6:30pm.  Yes folks, I was out cold, fell asleep sitting up in bed watching a show on the DVR, by the time I woke up, the DVR had turned itself off and some infomercial was playing.  Ha!

Started our day with a batch of blueberry pancakes::::


Checked on the garden and was mighty pleased with the tomatoes:::::





after some minor cleaning and tidying up, the afternoon was spent watching movies and crocheting with a pug on my lap and two more surrounding me on the couch::::


Had a simple dinner of Grilled Bratwurst and am now about to sit down and watch the first part of the new Australian Series from Tim Winton called "Cloudstreet".  Check out the website to find out more about it, or you can watch the trailer on Diary of a Stay at Home Mom's Facebook.

And while we're on the subject of TV shows, do you want some more to watch???

Then let me share a few, but before I do, do you know that there is a wonderful little surprise for us Jane Austen fans coming out this year?  Yes, it's called Modern Pride and Prejudice.   Check out the website for more info, I'm so excited to watch this one :)

On my computer, I also have Emerald Falls and Sisters of War to watch, both telemovies from Australia. 

Also waiting for me to have a few minutes to watch, is the ITV cops and crime series "Vera".  I'm also still very much enjoying The Hotel from Channel 4 in England, what a fun show :)

And with that, I say goodnight, I best get off here.  Have a wonderful night everyone!

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