Friday, February 10, 2012

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{ Friday Favorites #6 }


If you have something special you would like to show, if you have a trinket which has a special meaning for you or maybe something you have just found and own or would like to have. It could be anything, a trinket, a book, a new cookware set, a necklace, a photograph, a project you're working on or finished....anything that you love and would like to show us all.

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So the items I have to show you today are very near and dear to my heart.  They were bought in South Africa and some brought over with me when I first move to the USA, others were purchased when we visited SA in 2008.

They make me feel like I'm home and they also help to share a bit of my culture with the kids as well.

I'm Portuguese, we all know that, but I was born in Mozambique which is an African country, so I'm African at heart and there is a very strong bond and pull to that continent that will never be broken for anything in this world.

My kids bathroom is all done in an African Theme.  For a while it wasn't, but after speaking to the children they asked if they could the whole bathroom safari style, so my African items have moved into the bathroom and they love it :)

Let me show you, I'll start with this Ostrich egg which is hand painted.  It's my favorite piece from Africa, I still remember picking this design out with Curtis, shortly after we were married.


The amount of work and love that go into these is shown in every single stroke of the paintbrush.


I just love it, but it's also the one piece that the kids KNOW they are not allowed to touch, and if they do they have to be extremely careful.


These are the kind of things that bring me that one step closer to home, I can't be there physically but can definitely be there in spirit.


Another of my favorites.....I adore giraffes :)


This is a candle, it's absolutely beautiful, so I try to not light it very often, I just never want it to burn out :)


Everytime you step into the bathroom, it's like stepping into a safari, I find myself going in their just to look around and smile :)


  1. My Hubby's best friend is in the military and when he was overseas a few years ago he got us a hand-carved wooden giraffe. I love it as well. It stays put away in a curio cabinet so "little hands" can't break it :)

  2. I love your things! Our neighbors are from Namibia and have many similar things in their house.

  3. I have an online friend that has a nickname of Gramma Giraffe, and I've seen her collection...she would LOVE these!!! As I do.

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