Monday, February 06, 2012

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 2012 #6 }

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather:::
Right now it's 48 degrees and a little on the chilly side out there.  And this is what we have to look forward to this week.....

On my reading pile::: 
Been enjoying lots of books on my Kindle Fire.  Right now I'm actually trying to pick the next one to read :)

On my TV:::
Call the Midwife Episode 4
Birdsong Episode 3

On the menu for this week:::

MondayBitoque (Portuguese Steak) 
Tuesday - Mom's Goulash
Wednesday - Long Boy Burgers
Thursday - Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs and Spaghetti
Friday - Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu
Saturday - Crab cakes with Salad
Sunday - Pierogies

On my to do list:::

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Just finished a crochet cover for an old tissue box, using it for my Basil :)
Making a few more for my other herbs that I'm just starting to plant now
Starting my first patchwork quilt.

In Homeschooling:::
For Home Life with both kids, we're concentrating on the garden, herbs, planting etc.  Jasmine is going to be learning about Immigration and Immigrant life in the US this week and Nicholas will be concentrating on communities :)

Looking around the house:::
My husband is sitting at his computer checking on his Facebook game Castleville, while getting ready for work.  The dogs are sleeping on the couch, my kiddos are asleep in bed, I hear the washing machine doing it's first load.  Right in front of me on the kitchen table is my beautiful Basil in it's pretty crochet box, it looks adorable and I can't wait to take pics when it's daylight :)

From the camera:::

Ginger Spice Apple Pie I made this weekend for a giveaway on my food blog.  Go on over and check it out, you could win a package from Lucky Leaf with pie fillings, a cookbook, a potholder and a crisp mix :)

Something fun to share:::
Have you ever heard of Jungle Search?  Well it's an Amazon Advanced Search that allows you to quickly find what you're looking for instead of having to browse through hundreds of pages.  It's pretty nifty :)  Check it out, I just found it the other day while searching for a book and it was very helpful to me :)

On my prayer list:::
My husband as he studies for his next rank, he will be testing for Master Sergeant on the 6th of March :)

Bible verse, Devotional::: 
Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.
James 1:21


  1. I had just posted my Happy Homemaker Monday when I saw the new look. I like it but mine will stay as it is. Next week I will do it differently! I enjoyed reading your list, as usual. And that pie....I must try it. It looks delicious!
    HAve a blessed week!

  2. I want a BIG piece of that pie. YUM!!jo

  3. That pie looks SO GOOD!! I feel like I can almost smell it through my screen!

  4. What do you think of Birdsong? Mum and Dad found it a bit weird.

    The pie looks delicious...mmmmm!

  5. I love that scripture!! I'll be praying for your hubby. I know he will do great!

    The apple pie makes me drool everytime I see it.

  6. On Friday and Saturday I was at the Mom Heart Conference. Among the other things Sally talked about this weekend, she also talked about blogs and blogging. So it got us talking about blogs we follow and why and if we would want to start one. I know I've told you before but I just wanted to let you know I really look forward to all your posts but Mondays especially. Thank you for being you and sharing your life with me. :)

  7. Loving your temps! Nice!!

    Love the picture too, that pie looks good! Will have to go and check out the giveaway! :)

    Praying for your husband as well. Love the verse!

    HHM to you!

  8. That chicken cordon bleu inspired me since I haven't made my menu for the week yet. There's one less meal I have to plan!

  9. Didn't have time to join in with a post this week but am enjoying see everyone else's!

  10. Just came across your blog and wanted to say that that pie looks amazing! Love your blog! Have a blessed day :)

  11. I am late posting this week! Life has been a tad hectic! Good luck to your husband. Hope he does well. I have never made a pie but boy yours looks yummy!


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