Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simple Touches

I like adding little touches here and there in my home.

They don't have to be big things, even something as small as a quick bunting hanging on the window sill, immediately changes the feeling of the kitchen :)


They're so easy to make, just some fabric of your choosing, some interfacing, twine and a hot glue gun.


After applying the interfacing to the fabric, I cut out a few triangles, then using a hot glue gun, I glue twine to the back of the triangles and hang it up.


Just like every other piece in my home that I make with my own hands, it's got imperfections, it's not perfect and that is what I love.

But it's not just decorating that allows me to add a little of me....I try to incorporate that into every other aspect of homemaking.

Cooking is by far my biggest passion in life, right up there with reading, and crocheting, and sewing, actually I think I have quite a few passions now that I think about it HA!

I've talked about the cleaning solutions I make, and it thrills me to see so many of my friends and blog readers also using them now.

Again, it's another way to add a simple touch to a chore that otherwise would be a pain in the washing bathroom floors.


Vinegar infused with lemon. Cleans amazingly well, works on the baseboards, the walls, the doors and the floors. One cleaner that does the job of a bunch of others but is way safer.

Likewise when it comes to my kitchen, I like to simplify things and one thing I've been wanting to do for quite a long time is to make homemade sausage.

So, with that in mind, this past weekend we spent a few hours at Cabella's and I picked up something I've been wanting for years but never got around to getting it. It reminds me of home, I honestly remember all the women in the family using it in the kitchen :)

Meat Grinder

And to help me get started, even though I have a few recipes on hand, I got this amazing book, ooohhh I can't wait to get in there and try it out :)


There is always, always something to be thankful for


Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

Great post! It is the simple touches that help make a house a home. We FINALLY got our home goods delivered this week & I've been unpacking the past few days & with every box I get more and more excited because I'm able to place them around the new house after 5 months of not seeing them!

Mandi said...

I always have great intentions to do those little touches, and then never do :/ Very nice!
And, meat grinder, right? I love mine...using it today to make ham balls :)

Susanne said...

I remember those grinders from my childhood too. My mom made sausages a few times. She also ground walnuts for yummy hungarian pastries.

Sarah said...

I love the bunting, it's so cute. I might try the lemon vinegar too. x