Monday, February 27, 2012

# happy homemaker monday

{ Happy Homemaker Monday #9 }

Where did the weekend go?  I always feel like I look forward to Friday nights so much and then I blink and it's already Monday morning again.....*sigh*

Happy Homemaker Monday

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The weather:::

51 degrees right now, we had a very nice weekend with 82 degrees weather.  I've given up complaining about the non existent winter in this place, it's obvious it's not going to just start snowing for me LOL

On my reading pile:::  
Daughter of Joy by Kathleen MorganA dream unfolding by Karen Baney 
Bible in 1 year
Joyce Meyer:  Promises for your everyday life

On my TV:::
Bramwell Season 2
Upstairs Downstairs Season 2 - Episode 2

On the menu for this week:::
Monday -  Oven Hash 
Tuesday - Chicken Carbonara Risotto
Wednesday - Yummy Hero Sandwiches
Thursday - Oven Breaded Tilapia w/ Salada
Friday - Salisbury Steak w/ Egg Noodles
Saturday - Monterey Chicken with Waffle Fries
Sunday -  Deep Dish Sausage Pizza

On my to do list:::
Finish sewing hubby's tabbard, he needs it for a work function on Saturday

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Been using my spare moments to add on more blocks to my Spring Rag Quilt
Started a Ripple Pillow this weekend

In Homeschooling:::
Jasmine is learning about the endocrine system in Science and Nicholas is concentrating on the Sun and the Earth.  In Math, Nicholas is working on Units of Weight and Jasmine is concentrating on Patterns and Graphs.  

Looking around the house:::
The sound of my air conditioner running is pretty much the only sound heard through my house right now.  Hubby just walked out the door for work, the pugs are on top of my couch walking around in circles trying to find a comfortable spot to lay.  There is the glow of a candle in the kitchen and from the outside the sun is starting to come up.  

From the camera:::
I have two garlic plants coming up and I'm so excited :)

Something fun to share:::
I've been looking for a good Bible Study on Proverbs 31 and came across this one.  It looks good and so I've decided to take it on, it's available online to print out and enjoy so I'm passing it on to you all. 

On my prayer list:::
Praying for everyone out there, whatever the problem may be whether it is physical, mental, financial.  

Bible verse, Devotional::: 
Each of us need to be who God created us to be, and we don't have to apologize for it. We each need to individually find the balance of responsibility God has established for us to live in so we can enjoy our life, instead of making ourselves sick with an overload of stress and pressure.


  1. How lovely that your garlic plants are coming in! I'd love to start a garden & grow things I can use in my kitchen.

  2. I can loan you some of the winter we've got hitting us right now. It's -8*F (-22*C with wind chill feeling like -32*C). It snowed all weekend. Sheesh. It's one extreme to another around here this winter.

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Good morning Sandra. Happy Monday to you. The menu for this week looks great! :)

  4. I wish we had your weather...our warmth will be here soon enough though. Enjoy the nice weather!

  5. This time of year I start longing for the green of spring. Love the garlic plant!

    Thanks for the study. I'll be checking that out later.

    Have a great day!

  6. Weekends are never long enough...
    Have a good week!

  7. I know what you mean about the weather. I keep seeing other people's snowy pictures and then I look at my own lush green (weedy) yard. I'm ready to move to Minnesota!

  8. Your menu sounds wonderful! And thanks for the tip on watching Downton Abbey... hoping to get into it soon myself.

  9. Thank you for sharing your devotional. It's something that I needed to hear.

  10. YAY on the garlic!
    I've downloaded the Bible study - I've been looking for something for P31 too. Thank you!
    I've got to say it's still so neat when you mention homeschooling. Of course I'm biased, but I always thought of y'all as homeschoolers when you talked about the kids' school days vs what you do as a family. LOL
    Have a great week, Sandra!


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