Tuesday, February 14, 2012

# this week I'm looking forward to

This week I'm looking forward to.......

…new couches arriving tomorrow. Our old couches are about 8 years old and have finally worn themselves out.

…housework, believe it or not, but having new couches means rearranging a few things in the living room and I'm really looking forward to that.

cooking. A lot.

baking. New things, old things.

…working a little more on my spring quilt.

…watching more period dramas.

Homemade Maple Syrup

...replenishing my kitchen stock with homemade goodness, such as maple syrup.

…enjoying the new seedlings coming in, planting some more herbs.

…learning as I homeschool my children, I've enjoyed being able to learn as they do.

…grocery shopping at night, when it's quiet and there's no big crowds.

…soaking in the tub with an herbal mix.
…finding more books for my Kindle Fire and continuing to read my old homemaking ones already on there.
…starting a sewing project for my husband, it's intimidating but I won't back down from the challenge.
…taking lots of photos that capture our everyday life, recording as many moments as we can so that we may one day sit back and look through it all.
...reading more homesteading blogs, living vicariously through those surviving off the land, getting ideas for when we retire.
...continuing my Bible plan without deviating, pushing through and feeling my spirit soar as I strengthen the relationship between me and my Father.

...loving my family and friends.


  1. Hi Sandra. I've a homesteading blog for you to check out that you might like: http://www.aplaceinthewoods.blogspot.com/

    Sounds like your week is going to be very full doing loving things for your family.

  2. halena7:55 PM

    You make being a SAHM sound so fantastic!!!! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the words.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new couches. I have been wishing for a new couch, but we might move within the year so it wouldn't be practical to get one now.

  4. I hope your couches arrived on time. When we purchased ours from Ashley Furniture it took almost 8 weeks for them to arrive.
    Every time we called to check on status they would say it was on a truck from California.

  5. Love the fabrics you have chosen for your Spring quilt.
    New couches? New furniture makes one feel like they've moved to a new house. Enjoy!


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