Thursday, February 2, 2012

# kindle fire

Kindle Fire and boy is it HOT *snort*

So dorky, but I couldn't resist.

I'm going to show you and tell you all about my new Kindle Fire, but before I do let me explain why I got one because you know I don't just make it a habit of spending money for no reason.

Remember my husband bought me a Kindle Touch about a month ago, it was the first week of January and I fell in love with it, I took it with me everywhere, I read it constantly, I just loved it THAT much and thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Here it is.......


Isn't it pretty? Oh I love it.

And then last week Wednesday, I was in the middle of reading a book when suddenly, blink blink blink, Kindle start graphic, blink some more and then KINDLE NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED!

WHAT?!?!?!? Why? I didn't drop it, I didn't bump it, if anything I was more careful with this Kindle than I am with myself, I bump into stuff all the time but that Kindle had it's own little imaginary bubble around it. So why was this happening?

I got in touch with Amazon Customer Service and was told that this Kindle is defective and needs to be replaced, but here's the kicker, it's bad enough that it's but a month old, but I would have to take it back to the Walmart my husband bought it at and get it replaced there. THAT is not going to happen, first because Walmart only has a 15 day return policy on items like these and second because we didn't have the receipt anymore or the original box.

Unbelievable! So here I sat with a non working Kindle, I honestly wanted to cry, I can't believe how fast I fell in love with it. What to do???

Well I'm trying to get Amazon to help me out somehow, this is their product and if I remember correctly it comes with a 1 year Warranty for defects etc.

But seeing how sad I was and how much I loved my Kindle, my hubby decided to surprise me with a new one, but instead of the same Kindle Touch he just went for the one with the bells and whistles and got me the Kindle Fire.


Here, let me show good ol' blog on the Kindle, so pretty isn't it?


Right after I charged it up, I registered it through Amazon and was surprised to see that I have a full month free Amazon Prime trial.  Ooohhhh :)

I spent quite a bit of time just staring at it and trying to figure out where to go first, what to try first, what to touch, it's much like a new toy that you want to play with really bad but are so worried that you'll accidentally break it?  LOL

One of the cool things about is it the fact that it looks like an Ipod, even the way it is set up.  First thing I did was check out the Apps I could get, so many free ones to choose from and really inexpensive ones to purchase as well.  My first download however was this game for my Nicholas, he's been talking about it for a few days, it's called Where's my Water?

Collect as many ducks as you can in the game and Disney, with the help of Disney's Friends for Change and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, will make a donation to Conservation International.

The goal of Conservation International is to protect and restore ecosystems and provide freshwater benefits to help more than 500 million people and 126,000 species. For more information about Conservation International, click here.

By helping Swampy connect water to his shower, you can help connect water to animals in real life.

He is determined to help as much as he can, he is so cute :)


Since we're both under the weather, he has been spending lots of time relaxing on my bed, he just reads his books or watches TV, or last night, he asked if he could play the game for a bit.  Problem was I had to wrestle my Kindle Fire from him afterwards LOL   Both kids have now decided they would love one of their own for their birthday's coming up in April....hmmmmm we'll see :)


But back to the Kindle Fire and all it has, or all that I've found so far cause it has a lot of things.

I love how good the quality of the videos are.


Here is the Home page on the Kindle, it shows in big all the items I've read or played or messed with recently.


Of course I love that the books are all in color whereas the Kindle Touch everything was black and white and didn't have a lit up screen either, I couldn't read at night unless I had the light on.


Under the documents tab are some of the PDF books that I have on the Kindle, plus any documents I may have either transferred from the computer through the USB port or sent to my Kindle email account.


Here is the Apps page....did you notice that the Fire comes with QuickOffice....YES!


Also included is the Audible books, yes please :)


One of the best things for me right now????  I can make my grocery list in Word and then email it to my grocery list ON my Kindle.  *sigh*   Now of course there is no way for me to check off the items as I grab them, but I don't care about that, I just love that I can have it on my Kindle, and with that comes the possibility of list making or anything else I may want that is Word specific.

BTW though, the Fire does have Notepad and Color Notes Apps for free that you can download :)


Netflix....I love this Fire so much.  I know some have mentioned how it doesn't have much storage and that watching videos can drain that fast etc, but I will tell you right now that the reason I have this Kindle is primarily for reading, that's it, I just look at all these other things as an added bonus.

Will I watch videos on Netflix, of course, but it won't be a daily thing when I can do the same on my laptop on a bigger screen.  I DO think all these add ons will come in handy when we are traveling or away from home :)


Connections Academy on the Fire.  Oh Lordy, it just gets better and better, my kids are able to log in and actually do their lessons on it :)


And Study Island, many schools use Study Island, we do as well, and again it works great :)


So, what do I think of the Kindle Fire???

I think I am in love.  I couldn't have asked for a better little gadget, as much as I loved my Touch this one really does put it to shame.

Only thing I've noticed so far that I don't like too much is that the battery life is nowhere near as long as the Touch, but I can do with that, just have to charge it more than I did the other, small price to pay for such a great little gadget. :)


  1. I would love one! I know someone else who just got one and feels the same as you. :)

  2. I have wanted one since they were I REALLY would love to have one :-)

  3. I would love to have the Kindle Fire. I have the old Kindle with the keyboard and I just love it! Hopefully maybe hubby will surprise me one day with the Fire!!

    Oh.. try this app.. or you can just go to the website. They have a grocery list, to do list, calendar. Love it! And you can check things off your list! I use it from my phone when I shop! :)

  4. Oh.. I also changed my web address for My Mad World.. now wishing I didn't. :(

  5. The fact that your first one went bad within a month and you got NO satisfaction or help from the company ensures I will NOT buy one. Bad on Amazon.

  6. I hope Amazon makes it right with your Kindle. They really need to back up their product. I received a Fire from my son for Christmas and love it. I have watched videos on it and read books. I got hooked on Angry Birds for a short time. I have had a blast with it. I loved having Prime for one month too. The battery life isn't so great if you play games or watch videos. I learned pretty quickly to keep an eye on the battery life. How nice of your hubby to surprise you with the Fire! What a great guy!

  7. I've been thinking about the ideal of getting a kindle or the kindle fire. Thanks for the review!

    I'm surprised about Amazon. I've always had superb customer service from them. I hope they honor their warranty.

  8. How fun! I got a regular kindle about a year ago and bought an extended warranty; I'm a little surprised about amazon b/c I thought they had better service. I got an ipad for Christmas and I downloaded an app called grocery iq for it and my android phone, great list...see if it's for your fire too.


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