Friday, February 22, 2013

Burst of color

Color, color everywhere around me today.

I literally was surrounded by bursts of beautiful bright colors.  They are in my living room and in my kitchen and in baskets, and on crochet hooks.

I took the day off to crochet, I finished my project and I started another one which I am just adoring.


Super quick to make and there's not one thing I don't like about it. Yes, it's a simple circle but the color combination is lovely


the edging is just right, and my tulip looks smashing against it


I often get worried about the color choices when I start something, I've had it happen before where I pick out the colors, start the project and then realize that the colors are just not working for me anymore, only to pull it all apart.


That didn't happen with this one, it just seemed to flow and I'm thrilled with it.


Loved this one so much that I made another exactly the same.


Beautifully compliments my Daffodils, doesn't it?


Just gorgeous bright pops of color. I love seeing these around my home.

And now to show you my newest project which I should finish tonight.


Spiral bobbles. Oh my!


Not as bright as the other two projects, but equally beautiful....and what fun to make.


I stopped in at Michael's tonight and picked up 3 more cotton yarns, going to make one in cotton, and also have a new dishcloth pattern I want to try out.

Do you love color as much as I do? Do you include it around your house or do you shy away from bright vivid colors?


  1. I love colour as much as you...but don't seem to have the knack of choosing awesome combos like you do! Not to worry...I'll just keep getting inspiration from your gorgeous pics! Your latest project looks SO cool! How do you get so many finished? I'm still plodding along on the same thing since Christmas!

  2. Great projects, Sandra! The colors are wonderful. The granny square piece is my favorite:)

  3. Love the spiral bobbles, Sandra! Can you share the pattern or source? I agree about your color choices....especially for the bobbles. I love pink :)

  4. I adore the spiral bobbles, so that will work into a washcloth, you say?

  5. I love them! I love all of your color choices. You make me want to run out and buy more yarn! That spiral bobble pattern is so cute and the colors you chose are perfect together. Beautiful work, Sandra!

  6. Wow! I LOVE these pictures. So beautiful. Spring flowers are my absolute favourite, the colours are so fresh and your beautiful mats really set the colours off. Hugs.

  7. Beautiful!!! Makes me think of spring. Your work is so lovely

  8. I need to make some small, quick projects like those! I have a couple of afghans in the works (for a long time), but just don't feel like working on them. I have made dishcloth after dishcloth....maybe I'll do a rectangle one like you did! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Where did you learn all the different stitches to follow a pattern? I want to learn more to crochet other than blanket. Thanks!!

  10. I love color! Your projects are beautiful! I love the looks of the bobble stitch but haven't done any projects with it yet. I love seeing your projects and your beautiful home!

  11. Once again...Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Color is a gift from God as is our sight to look up on it. I have a home decor of dark browns, deep greens and red, and wood. I love this hunter/lodge style. However, I inject splashes of lively color into every room. Tulips are also one of my favorite colors so I love these pictues!

  12. I just re-discovered your blog and I have to say that I have enjoyed my visit this morning! I used to follow you when I blogged on Mom Musings--then a few years ago I got caught up with the book blogging world and tried to maintain a second blog. Well, long story short that 2nd blog became my main home and is where I blog now. I have reverted back a bit to my original blogging goal--mainly a record of my life--my books, my family, and a new passion, knitting. I also have gotten tired of trying to keep up with all the technology associated with blogging and the social media, and the constantly stressing over how many comments I get. In fact, I get very few most days, and that is just fine. Blogging is supposed to be fun. Thanks for sharing your life with us in such a beautiful fashion! I will be back.

  13. I am TRYING HARD this year to use more color. I have a very country style in my house and there's a lot of darker colors -- the navys, marroons, browns, etc. Hard to break out of my "comfort zone" but I am trying :-) The spiral bobble looks fun!


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