Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I decided to do a few little updates on the blog today, nothing big, just a few things.

I'm sure you noticed the template, after having a background for a few months I went back to just plain white.  I am feeling the need for simple and non crazy and I think this is just right for me :)

I also changed the header, put in a few pictures that I think best describe the blog and what it is about.

If you love Period Dramas, I updated the list with a few new ones, and also added in links where applicable, as well as the time period in brackets, (slowly working my way down the list), that way you will know when the series/movies take place.  I know for me, it makes it easier, sometimes I'm in the mood to watch something from a specific time, so hopefully by narrowing down the dates, it is helpful to you too.

And lastly, if you notice on the right side, I added what I'm currently watching.  I'll update as I change shows/movies, so keep an eye out for those, you may find something that peaks your interest too :)

I was supposed to write up a post with some pictures from our weekend, but haven't had a chance and have such a headache right now, that I'll just leave it for tomorrow.

Have a great night, everyone!


  1. And sometimes the quick hellos are all most of us need... its one of my favorites at least to just pop on over to read your quick hellos :) hope your feeling better Sandra have a blessed night

  2. Just visited Tammy and enjoyed the Chat. Thank you to your family for the commitment of service. It is people like you all who make our wonderful country what it is.

  3. Love the tulip, I love tulips. Your blog is lovely.xxxx

    Hope your headache's gone. Hugs.


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