Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seeing Green



I've been eating a lot of green vegetables and I already feel so much better.  It's shocking how much junk we put into our bodies on a daily basis, and how we go on from day to day thinking that it's normal and we're supposed to feel sluggish and not 100%.

But the minute you start taking care of yourself and putting in the good stuff, it's almost like an immediate change that happens.

I have a lot more energy, I feel good and healthy and am loving exercise.  I never thought that I would hear myself mutter those words, but truthfully, once I got my body past those first few days and into this routine, I got past that wall and now I'm full steam ahead.

This is my new green buddy.....


He and I are becoming fast friends.  My Nicholas loves him too, my Jasmine, not so much, but that's ok.

Bananas, peanut butter, yogurt, milk and spinach.  Yummy and SO good for you.


And some more greenery, this was my salad for lunch, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, a little bit of shredded chicken thigh and a tiny bit of light ranch dressing.

I think one of the things I'm most enjoying about this journey of mine, is that I feel like I'm in control of my body again, and that is such a freeing feeling. But I'm not doing it alone, I couldn't do it without God, honestly. I have tried to lose weight and eat healthy before, and exercise, but I never did it with His help, and I failed miserably. It's all because of Him that I'm going at it with a completely different approach and mind set this time, and that helps tremendously.

So, apart from counting calories, and adding in more fruits and vegetables, I'm being very strict with the exercising and NOT letting a day go by without doing it.

I'm using Sparkpeople again, because I love them and have been on there since 2007. Right now, I'm doing their 7 day Boot Camp videos, and adding in Cardio as well.

This morning I did the 10 minute bootcamp video assigned and then another 50 minutes of Zumba. SO much fun and man alive, I was sweating up a storm, but it felt good to have the kids look at me when I lifted up my shirt to wipe my face, and have them go "WOAH, look at your stomach muscles". LOL

Anyway, all this just to say that I'm doing really well and proud of myself for sticking to it.


I'm often asked what is my favorite lens to shoot with, and without a doubt, it's the inexpensive 50mm or the "nifty fifty" as it's commonly referred to. Love it :)


Pulled out my sewing basket today, I have a lot of fabric that I bought on sale, and have been meaning to make a tablecloth with it.


I started by cutting it to fit the table, then hemmed it on the machine


I didn't have enough to drape completely over, so I decided to go with plan B, which is, I'm going to crochet a border around it


but of course that means, blanket stitching all the way around, I'm almost done, will finish that tomorrow and then start on the border, I'll be using some white crochet thread, not sure yet what stitches I'll do, will just wing it

While I was busy with that, Nicholas called me laughing hysterically, he had opened the back door for the pugs to go potty, and it was kinda chilly outside, so when that happens the girls are not too thrilled to go out in the cold....I guess Miss Bella decided to remedy that LOL


She walked around like that, did her business, and then came back in LOL  And I'll let you know, she managed to keep the blanket clean LOL


Dinner preparations, cutting up Acorn Squash to roast


Roasted Acorn Squash, with a little bit of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon


also had broiled parmesan tilapia and spinach rice, yet more green


Would love to stay and chat more, but the family is calling me to go watch a movie, so I'll oblige.

Be back in the morning with Cooking Thursday!!!


  1. I love the "nifty fifty"! I remember when I first got it. It felt so cheaply made. I found it hard to believe it was actually going to take good pics.

    Way to go on the workouts. I love Zumba! It really doesn't feel like a workout. Feels more like a dance party.

  2. Your "green buddy" looks pretty good. Do you measure out the ingredients or just eyeball it?

  3. You are motivating me. I am backsliding so badly but at least keeping up on the walking (one of the side benefits of walking and losing weight has been no more diuretics, no more swollen feet---and I am talking FOOTBALLS to the point I couldn't get my shoes on).

    Working on a quilt, considering making jewelry, making afghans and other crocheted things---keeps me from feeding my face! LOL

  4. Gosh Sandra sometimes reading your posts feels like I'm looking in the mirror!! I've recently started making morning green juice too, and it does make you feel so good! I found that after a few days I actually began craving it, like my body just LOVES absorbing that fresh, pure goodness. I've been meaning to write about my juicing escapades too, will get around to it soon :-) Haven't convince my man to join in yet, but my little guy loves sharing the green stuff with me. Enjoy! You are worth 'looking after'. Value yourself and keep good health a priority.


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