Monday, February 04, 2013

Lots done today


It was a good creative day for me.

I was on the go from early this morning and am now finally sitting down to relax for the evening.

I could mention housework but you're probably sick of hearing me talk about it, so instead of that, I'll just say that I did some good cleaning around here and rearranged some areas too.

Laundry is completely caught up, and folded and put away. YAY! Miss Lola follows me everywhere, and where I am, she is very near taking a nap.....this was us doing laundry today.


And in between that, I managed to get two projects knocked out....feels great when you sit down at the end of the day and have a lot to show for it.

So here is the first one....this cute Butterfly Shadow Box. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while and just needed the shadow box, thankfully found one for 50 cents at the Goodwill this weekend.

I just did a search for butterfly images on google, then printed some out, traced them onto patterned paper and cut them out.

A little bit of glue to stick them down, and then just pulled the wings up so they look 3D.


Next I grabbed my new cotton yarn because I had something in mind for my kitchen table. Made some very quick tiny granny squares


Just two rows, that's it. Then sewed them together....


Set it aside and got busy with homeschooling and some more laundry, then picked it back up and crocheted some rows around it while I watched my soap


around and around, again this was a very quick project


It's one of those projects that I don't have to think, I don't have to count, I can just throw it together and it quickly evolves.

The end result is just what I had in mind......



Still need to block it, but I love it :)


It just felt like the day went by so quick, before I knew it I was heading into the kitchen to start dinner, when it felt like I had just finished breakfast.

Oh I do like days like these, lots done and a sense of accomplishment.

I'm going to go watch The Hotel on Channel 4, which I love. Makes me laugh seeing some of these guests that show up, not to mention the staff and the crazy things that happen.

So with that, I bid you goodnight.

God Bless,


  1. i made your nachos for super bowl sunday - they were a big hit! i will be making them again! YUM

  2. Your day sounds lovely and I really like that sweet piece your crocheted.

    Hope you have a good day today as well.


  3. Sounds like a perfect kinda day! I have three dogs that follow me around the house and nap at my feet wherever I am! Love your Granny Square project! Oh, and your Butterfly Shadow Box is beautiful! Hope you have another wonderful day today:)


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