Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This and That!

Whew, sitting down for the first time today.  My poor feet are aching and I am so looking forward to bedtime.

How was your day, did you get a lot done?

I did the usual daily chores around here, but you know, it really is a non stop job keeping a home.  There's always dishes to do, laundry to wash, kids to tend to and homeschooling to teach.  Feels like it's a constant go go go from the moment you wake up, and well into the night.

So, now that I'm sitting down and relaxing, I'll share my day.  I do hope you all don't mind, I am sure there are some out there who could care less what I'm doing, but since it's my online journal I want to capture every single moment of our lives, I think it will be something my children will love looking through one day.

Working on this wreath, still have to cut a few more stars and glue them on.


This jar sits on my baker's rack and holds all my cookie cutters.


I find cooking more interesting when I have these jars sitting above the stove. I made these labels on my computer, then printed them on brown paper.


Dried Lavender hanging on my Baker's Rack, I have had this bunch for about 4 years now, brought it back from a Lavender Farm in Texas.


People throw out a lot of good things. I used to have a tiny baker's rack in the kitchen. Well this weekend while we were out on our walk, we noticed some neighbors putting out this big rack on the side of the road. I guess they broke the glass shelves and didn't want it anymore.

Thankfully I have a handy husband who quickly grabbed some wood and built me custom shelves, a little black paint, and Ta-Da.


Have had this black frame laying around forever, and I believe that things have multiple uses and don't only have to be used as it's initially described. I think it makes the perfect place for some of my vintage towels.


A very dear friend of mine sent me these a year or so ago, I love them.


Even though we've been in this house for a few years, I still find myself constantly adding things here and there, or changing things around. There's nothing like being surrounded by things that make you smile or bring you joy, or remind you of someone.


One of my favorite things in my kitchen is this vintage Bread Bag that used to belong to my greatgrandmother.


Afternoon bread baking for dinner


And now to show you how my flowers and herbs are doing, this is my orange tulip.


My little greenhouse, the seedlings are all doing so well


My lavender. Ok, listen, I have had this thing for years now where I'm trying to grow lavender and have never been able to succeed. It's an ongoing battle and I'm determined to keep trying until I get it.


My carrots


and finishing with more tulips, they smell so lovely right now


Olive Garden's Bread Sticks rising


Mid afternoon snack, some homemade summer sausage. A couple of you have asked for the recipe, I don't have one for you, I actually use a kit from Cabella's. You can find it here.


A quick snap of my finished spiral bobble. I used this pattern.


Have had this antique salt and pepper shaker set for many many years, found them in South Africa before I got married.


Busy busy time. Dinner is always a rush for me, my husband told me I was like a blur today in the kitchen Hahahah


Bread sticks straight out of the oven, they always bring everyone to the kitchen


Finally, the craziness pays off when we sit down to a delicious dinner. Homemade Olive Garden Chicken and Gnocchi soup and Homemade Olive Garden Bread Sticks. Yummy!


That is how my Tuesday went. Little of this and a little of that. My days are usually a little of the same but yet I try to find ways to make every day special.

You can't let the monotony of housework get you down.

One thing I do is to turn on either the Christian Radio Station, or my Portuguese TV Channel, or Netflix and watch something interesting while I work, you'll be amazed how quick time flies.

Some I've been enjoying lately are Fork to Fork, Monarchy, The Fabulous Baker Brothers and Supersizers.

Have you watched anything interesting lately?


  1. I love the labels printed on brown paper - what a great idea! The bakers rack looks awesome too. Can't believe someone would throw that away.

  2. Love those jars, too! Beautiful post as always. :)

  3. What a find! That baker's rack is gorgeous! Your bread sticks look yummy! All of your homemade and antique items make your home look so cozy:)

  4. I love your homemade labels! Your home is just lovely, all of your personal touches everywhere are so homey and comforting.

  5. Pure loveliness!
    Dear Sandra, I am a regular visitor on your blog, it just inspired me in so many ways. Anyway, I've found something on youtube that you might enjoy. It's the BBC documentary "The Marvelous Mrs. Beeton" with Sophie Dahl.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPCJR_eU5zA

    all best to you and your family from sunny Greece.

  6. Loved this post. Looks like you have been busy. I super-love those jar labels, looks really old.

    BTw, just found your blog, really nice!

  7. It all looks gorgeous, so pretty and then so yummy :) Hugs.

  8. Busy days at home bet the heck out of any day in a stuffy office!! Your new to you bakers rack looks so close to the same as mine I bought years ago. They cost a pretty penny!! I too store my cookbooks on it along with lots of appliances, but nothing cute like yours :(

  9. So many beautiful, happy, and YUMMY looking photos! I'm glad you posted the summer sausage kit link 'cause I was wondering how you made it!

  10. I love the labels and a few weeks back I had found the cutest little vintage salt and pepper shaker at a house sale, that I haven't posted yet. Love this post this morning, a lot of my favorite things.

  11. wow, lucky you sandra for seeing the bakers rack, thats a beauty..Why would anyone throw it out, wow..
    bread looks good..i was brought up on bread and butter...yummmmmy....
    take care Sandra..

  12. I love the labels! Did you make them design them yourself?... I found your blog last night while looking for motivational and inspirational posts for myself as being a Stay at home/work at home mom. I have found myself wishing everything in my home was perfect and baking everyday in a beautifully clean house with flowers. Your's seems this way and I love all the motivation and fabulous ideas you have shared.
    I will be very much looking forward to future posts as I look back to your past posts!

  13. I have my great grandmother's cookie cutter collection. I've been looking for a way to display them. I'm off to walmart to look for a nice container!!

    Matt will be thrilled. HAHA

  14. Great save with the bakers rack!

    All of your food pictures look great. I might have to make pasta tomorrow night just so I can make those breadsticks! Yum!

    Have a great day!

  15. Wow! I love the baker's rack! I really don't have any decor in my house. You really have an eye for decorating.

  16. I've got a huge collection of cookie cutters in the cupboard, never thought of displaying them. Thanks for the idea :)

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