Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cookbooks, Crochet and some great shows!

It's not even 6:30pm and I am ready for bed. Really!

I've been moving kinda slow today, so I'm thankful that I got all my major housework done yesterday, including all the laundry that needed to be washed and put away.

The only thing I really needed to work on today, was my menu planning, and I don't know what is going on, but I'm just not feeling it.

I seem to go through these phases where it seems to take me days to come up with a plan that I'm happy with. There's a lot of writing, erasing, and switching of meals, and that's usually when I step away and leave it be.

By the time I return to it in a few days, it finally seems to flow.


Finished my menu plan today with the help of some of my favorite cookbooks.

I also pulled out one of the newest I found at Goodwill, The Settlement Cookbook. Now usually I much prefer a book with pictures, because I like seeing what the end result should look like, but as time has gone by I've started enjoy these older ones with just the recipes.


This particular one is filled with little notes in pencil, and even sticker stars of different colors. I'm assuming one of it's previous owners used a color coded chart of some kind, maybe different colors for how much they enjoyed a recipe? Who knows.

The recipe for Pierogies caught my eye because my wonderful mother in law always told me the story of how she would make pierogies with her neighbor while their husbands worked swing shift. They were both marine wives :)

I'll have to make some soon, I do love Pierogies.


Been looking through my crochet projects for some inspiration, not sure exactly what I want to make next.

This one is so beautiful and I really need to finish it.


This morning I watched the first episode of a new 5 part drama series on ITV, called "Lightfields".  It premiered last night.

New Supernatural Drama spanning over 3 time periods, starting in 1944. A tragic death in 1944 sends ghostly ripples down the years ensuring that truth will eventually surface, whatever the cost.

Watch on ITVplayer
Or watch the first episode online, here

Really enjoyed the first episode and can't wait for the next one.  Also have some great shows coming up like Broadchurch on ITV, a murder mystery series starring David Tennant from Doctor Who. 

Shetland on BBC, another murder mystery set against the beautiful Scottish backdrop.

Dancing on the Edge on BBC, currently playing.  1930's drama about a jazz band in London.  You can catch up with the episodes on BBC iplayer, or online here.

The one I'm most excited about is premiering on Sunday, on the History Channel.  The Bible.  It looks phenomenal and we'll be watching as a family.  You can watch a preview for it here.

I have a grocery list to finish and some bills to set up for tomorrow, so I'll cut this one short.

Good night everyone :)


  1. Hi Sandra~

    I just discovered your blog today and I love it! Thank you for sharing so much of your daily life in such a wonderfully refreshing manner. It is always so nice to read about other Moms who enjoy being home! I can't wait to watch the new show you recommended and I look forward to reading your future blog posts.:)


  2. What a darling piece you have started. Maybe the weather is getting to us all, I have had a hard time getting my motor going this week as well

  3. I have The Bible set to record on my DVR. Looking forward to it. The first show you talked about looks interesting. I love anything supernatural! Not sure whether I get that channel, though. Your crochet looks pretty!~Hugs, Patti

  4. We have a common bond here, I have those exact same cook books :)
    Love your crochet projects.

  5. The Settlement Cookbook...oh yes, I am familiar with it. It came 'with' my husband when I married him! He's from the South and told me it is a bible of sorts and it would need to be used! I now have picked up a few more copies when I see them at thrifts..just in case something should happen (heaven forbid) to the original. xo

  6. That is a neat cookbook...I make pierogies! ...or I try to. I can't say they always stay together! Your crochet looks perfect. The shows look good...I miss the History channel as I don't get it anymore...

  7. Sandra, you are an inspiration! There are days I don't feel like cooking and then I look at the beautiful creations that your family is eating and it makes me try a little bit harder! Thanks! I always need that! Your afghans are beautiful and I look forward to seeing that show. Thanks for mentioning it! Hugs!

  8. Your afghans make me swoon...Such pretties everywhere in your home!

    We're looking forward to watching The Bible tonight!


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