Saturday, February 02, 2013

Five Senses Saturday

Another beautiful week filled with much to see and enjoy :)



House Finch (Male)

- K-Love on my laptop and in my car
- Neighbors moving in across the street
- Dogs barking in the neighborhood
- My husband and children talking about space and time travel
- Birds chirping outside my kitchen window



- the pages of my favorite magazines
- my children playing together
- tax paperwork as I fill them in
- junk mail in the mail box
- blue skies and fluffy white clouds


Flower Dishcloths

- my new dishcloths as I wash dishes
- my husband's face right after he shaves
- dough as I knead it for bread
- cold ice as I drop it in my glass
- snuggie that I wrap around me before slipping into bed



- Caramel latte
- corn beef hash for breakfast
- braised beef tips and broccoli with cheese sauce
- Amish Peanut Butter on sandwiches
- frozen grapes as a snack



- fresh linen air freshener in my car
- aloe hand soap
- porridge with honey and cinnamon
- bitterness from the motrin right before I swallow it
- roasted garlic and red pepper chips

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