Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday - 02/12/2013

Day started like this....


Not something very usual for our area, 29 degrees and ice everywhere, my husband had a good workout and I'm sure it brought back fond memories of snowy days in Idaho LOL


Want to see what I'm eating most of these days???

Made a quick trip to the commissary for veggies and fruit this morning, I've been craving them.

It's so weird because I never crave the healthy stuff, but the minute I started working out and watching what I'm eating, I'm thinking about vegetables and juicy fruit.


And the best part of this journey is that my whole family is benefiting, my children love fruit and carrots and celery, so they're loving the influx of healthy stuff


I'm in love with my granny stripe blanket, and you will find me picking it up at random times of the day, snuggling it and wrapping it around me.....


It's coming along so well, and it's almost to the point where I get to do some edging and call it good. It's not a big blanket, it's going to be a lap blanket.

Only thing about blankets that I don't much care for is the weaving in of all the ends. I usually crochet the yarn right in, but this one I didn't and now I'm faced with this....joy joy


Surely can't wait to snuggle under it, here's another little sneak peek


Afternoon snack


and one more crochet project finished, this is the front of my Bavarian Crochet pillow, just love these colors


preparing beans for dinner


always reminds me of my greatgrandma, we would sit with a bowl between us and just clean, cut and snap beans

Buttermilk Chicken

Dinner time, Buttermilk Chicken and Green Beans with Bacon...Yum!

Now I better go log in my calories from dinner so I don't forget to do it.

Have a great evening everyone :)


  1. A beautiful day with beautiful photos! You're very talented! :)

  2. I need to start eating more fruit and veg too lately. Looks lovely and fresh. The crochet is looking great!

  3. That first picture I honestly thought it was a "cow pie" LOL!

    One of my fondest memories is sitting with my grandmother on the stonewall around her garden snaping green beans. At the time I didn't like it. But what I wouldn't give to be there now chatting with her.

    I love that Bavarian Crochet pillow. The colors are beautiful.

  4. Lol, me too Jen! ;)
    Sandra, you're looking lovely and healthy...and that chicken looks divine!

  5. What a coincidence, I make roasted buttermilk chicken last night! Yours look breaded, you should post the recipe!

    Beautiful self-portrait :)

  6. Your killin me with that fried chicken, I can't afford it this month!! Ha

  7. Oh my, fried chicken, me mouth is watering....love your blog, I am a new follower, Francine.

  8. Oh your pillow is beautiful! Wow! God has blessed you with amazing talents :)

  9. I couldn't tell what the first photo was. ? Dr. Oz would love to see your grocery cart - lots of colorful veggies! Good for you!


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