Wednesday, May 30, 2018

{ A sewing day }


I grew up with a grandmother who was a seamstress.  I've actually talked about her quite a bit on here, if you go back and search through my blog, I'm pretty sure you can find those posts.

Of all the things I've been taught by the women in my family, I have to say that sewing is one of the things I'm most thankful for.


Unfortunately, I don't always get a chance to pull the sewing machine out and sit for a few hours, just sewing whatever I want.

Now that we're in summer mode and I don't have to worry about appointments and schooling during the day, I am quite happy to pull out my machine and start knocking out some of the projects I've been wanting to make.

I was able to do that today and I wish I could describe how happy that made me.


There's something about the steady ticking of the machine sewing, that brings me immense joy.  It immediately transports me back to my childhood, and sitting at my grandmother's feet while she worked away on a wedding dress, or did some alterations for clients.  There's sounds, songs, even scents that can take you back in time, and the sound of a sewing machine does that for me.


I have a lot of fabric and projects that I want to work on, and today I was able to knock a few off.

I made 3 curtains, two for Jasmine's bathroom (guest bathroom), and one for my bathroom.  The ones for Jasmine's bathroom, I made in white and added a grey stripe at the bottom.

For my bathroom, I flipped the colors and did grey with a white stripe at the bottom.  I will take pictures tomorrow and show you as it's quite dark now to really see.


The next project I worked on, which is the one that took a bit longer to do because it was the first time I was making one, was a double sided door draft stopper.

I have wanted to make a few for a couple doors in the house, mainly to stop bugs and mice, even frogs, from entering my house.  This is what happens when you live in the country, no matter how clean you keep your house, they still tend to find their way in, though it's been a while since I've seen any mice (I'm talking last year, summer time was the last time I saw any).

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and if you guys are interesting in making some for yourselves, I can take pictures when I make the next ones and maybe do a little tutorial for you all.

The fun part about these, is that you can use fabric to match each room's decor and also mix and match the fabrics, as I did for the one above.  I used grey fabric but chose a coordinating paisley in the same grey color, for the binding.

Next on the list to sew are a few more of these draft door stoppers, also some potholders for my kitchen.  I need new ones and I have SO much cute fabric needing to be used.  I just need to buy some more poly fill and some batting.

I spent the whole afternoon sitting at my sewing machine, surrounded by pins and fabric, while I listened to some cool history documentaries on the TV.  Great way to spend the day, if you ask me :)

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