Friday, November 02, 2018

{ Christmas Movie Kick Off - Hallmark and Freeform }

It is that time of year, the Christmas movies start rolling on in and it's full steam ahead until the end of December.

I always enjoy sitting down to watch at least one Christmas movie a day, and while my favorite channel for these is Hallmark, Freeform has a ton of wonderful movies to watch as well, not just new ones but some old favorites.

I put together a list for both the Hallmark and the Freeform movies, as a way to keep track of what is playing when, so I'm sharing those with you today.  Now I know for a fact that many of you out there enjoy these movies just as much as I do, and sharing is caring, right?

It may seem like I'm talking about Christmas a bit early on in the game, but if you know me at all, then you understand that November is pretty much the kick off of the holidays for this gal, so don't fight it, just go with it and enjoy :)

I didn't add all the Freeform movies playing each day, because not all were Christmas and I really wanted to keep the list to just holiday related movies.  There will be many more cute movies playing all month long and if you have Freeform, be sure to check those out.

If you have any suggestions or a different list or channel that will be playing Christmas movies the next two months, be sure to let me know down below and I'll take a look and share with the rest of the readers as well :)


  1. I love the Christmas movies too. I watched the first Hallmark movie last week and have tomorrow's set to tape. Thanks for the list!

  2. OMgosh - I'm up to about 9 Hallmark movies already! Most I've ever watched, but I've just been in the mood! By Christmas I'll probably watch 50 :/


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