Thursday, November 08, 2018

{ Fall vibes }







Just a few snippets of my back yard and how Fall has taken over.  Everywhere I turn, there are hues of brown, orange, red and even still a few stubborn greens.

Autumn's Majesty
© Patricia L. Cisco

Sun with his artistic touch,
streaks skies of blue with rosy blush,
trimming Oak and Maple too,
crimson reds with yellow hue.

Birch and Hemlock, purple and gold,
apples, pumpkins bright and bold,
burns by day and cools by night,
cloaking trees in fiery might.

Wispy winds and tumbling leaves,
cypress scents within the breeze,
starry eves and harvest moon,
sets the stage for crickets' tune.

As spiders spin their tapestry
and crickets sing in symphony,
their final song of destiny,
it's clear for all the world to see,
Autumn's vibrant majesty!


  1. I believe our fall was a very short one, like spring was. We woke up to snow this morning.

    1. Same with us. We went from an 80 degree day to a 40 degree day it seems. Calling for snow flurries next week.

  2. Our fall was also too short. Snow this morning and more flurries this weekend! Luckily I love snow

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