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Protect the Prince by Jennifer Estep - TLC Book Tour

About Protect the Prince

• Paperback: 448 pages
• Publisher: Harper Voyager (July 2, 2019)

Magic, murder, adventure, and romance combine in this second novel in the exciting Crown of Shards saga from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Estep.
Everleigh Blair might be the new gladiator queen of Bellona, but her problems are far from over.
First, Evie has to deal with a court full of arrogant, demanding nobles, all of whom want to get their greedy hands on her crown. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an assassin tries to kill Evie in her own throne room.

Despite the dangers, Evie goes ahead with a scheduled trip to the neighboring kingdom of Andvari in order to secure a desperately needed alliance. But complicating matters is the stubborn Andvarian king, who wants to punish Evie for the deaths of his countrymen during the Seven Spire massacre.
Dark forces are also at work inside the Andvarian palace, and Evie soon realizes that no one is safe. Worse, her immunity to magic starts acting in strange, unexpected ways, which makes Evie wonder whether she is truly strong enough to be a Winter Queen.

Evie’s magic, life, and crown aren’t the only things in danger—so is her heart, thanks to Lucas Sullivan, the Andvarian king’s bastard son and Evie’s … well, Evie isn’t quite sure what Sullivan is to her.

Only one thing is certain—protecting a prince might be even harder than killing a queen…

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About Jennifer Estep

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author who prowls the streets of her imagination in search of her next fantasy idea.
Find out more about Jennifer at her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

My Thoughts:

I was lucky enough to have read the first book in the series, called Kill the Queen.

If you love medieval type books,  Queens and Kings, swords and battles and such, then this will be the series for you.  Protect the Prince is the second book in the Crown of  Shards Series.

The first book was amazing, I loved it so much.  There's something to be said about a book that pulls you right into it's pages, where everything around you seems to disappear and you find yourself completely immersed in the story and it's surroundings. 

I fell in love with Evie in the first book and so when I opened the pages to Protect the Prince, I knew I was in for a treat, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Evie is now the Queen of Bellona and with that come a myriad of responsibilities, some she is ready for, others not so much, but it's all part of the package, so to speak.

In this novel, Evie is facing a ton of obstacles which threaten to make her life difficult, from an assassin that tries to take her life, to the people around her who constantly undermine her authority and want nothing more than to take the crown from her.

The story is full of juicy moments, battles and backstabbing, magic and of course a romance thrown in too.  It's almost like reading a chapter about Game of Thrones.

Loved it, and really look forward to the next book in the series.

Thank you TLC for providing me with a review copy.  All opinions are my own.

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