Sunday, August 25, 2019

{ A quick trip to Lawton and a cake for Sunday }


Hubby and I took a short trip to Lawton, to help my mother in law with moving some items from her home, into storage.  She is trying to sell the house they have up there.

I always enjoy driving across Oklahoma and seeing the beautiful land, the cows, the sky and the old buildings teetering on old beams, barely hanging on.




It was just a busy Saturday, we were basically running around.  Dropped Jasmine off at work at 10am and headed straight to the in laws house, helped out then rushed back home so that we could go pick her up.

Didn't really have time for anything else and by the time we were done, we had dinner, took a shower, watched some TV and I was completely out.

Today has been spent cleaning and organizing, we had a lot of things that we've been asked to keep for my brother in law, while he is overseas, and for my mother in law too.  Since we have such a big house, it's no problem for us to store these things, and it's always great to know we are helping family.

Curt and I organized the garage and cleaned it as best as we can.  I also reorganized my pantry, did some laundry and ironed, then we went out to the garden and pulled up the tomato plants and cantaloupe vines as they are done for the season.

I'm going to start the Fall planting next weekend, so at lease it is all ready to go.


As usual on Sunday's I don't usually cook, we just have leftovers or sandwiches, or just snack throughout the day.  For our coffee time this afternoon, I made a quick and simple cake.  It is made with jello and it really is super easy to throw together.  I used a lime jello package.  So good!!

I love a simple cake without tons of frosting and filling etc.  These kind of cakes remind me of my grandfather Julio, he would often just head into the kitchen and whip up a cake for us all.

And that my friends was my weekend, not much going on just plain living.

Hope you've all had a great weekend and I wish you all a blessed Sunday evening.  I'll see you all in the morning for our Happy Homemaker Monday.

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