Sunday, August 6, 2006

It feels so good outside, after weeks of scorching

weather and temperatures around 110 degrees, I think it's about time we cool off a little, don't you???

Woke up this morning to 70 degrees which just feels like heaven, actually makes you want to get out of bed and not worry about sweating all the water out of your body. I know, I know, I'm exaggerating right now, but you get the point right?

I'm actually feeling a little better this morning, I started taking my sinus medication yesterday so I guess I was able to stop it before it became a full blown sinus attack. Still feeling congested but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. Thank the Lord!!!

We're going to have another slow and relaxing day. I had no idea that climbing down to the cave and those few steps would really hurt my legs. What a great way to remind me that I'm really unfit. LOL

School starts again on the 23rd of August, I can't believe it's almost time to start another school year. Am I the only mom that starts getting paranoid and worried about the whole process???
Jasmine is starting second grade and I'm just freaking out because all her friends from first grade just left to other bases, and then I worry about the teacher, will she be a good one or one of the type that yells at the kids too much etc. I guess as a mom you never stop worrying do you??? So how all you other mothers deal with this kind of stress???

Since I can't stay online too long, I thought it would be fun to redo a Photo meme that I actually posted a few months ago. I tag anyone that wants to do it, if you don't want to that's fine too. :)

So here we go, the way it works is, you have a few categories (which I'll give you) then you go to Google Images and type in the category and then paste the photo that shows up for it.

Your Name

Dad's Name

Your age on your next birthday

Your favorite color

Your middle name

The last meal you ate

Your favorite animal

Your last name

Favorite Bible passage

Favorite era

Favorite food

Where you want to be in 10 years

That was actually a lot of fun to do, hope some of you will give it a shot too, and if you do let me know so I can go check it out ok?

Well I have to get going again, just wanted to touch bases with everyone and let you all know that I'm still here and still alive LOl

Hope you're having a blessed and peaceful Sunday.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! And 70 degrees...I'm so jealous!!! It was 105 again here yesterday.

    My kids start school on Aug 9...Wednesday! I can't believe it! My little guy will start kindergarten and Emily will be in 3rd grade. I wonder all summer who the kids will get for teachers and if they'll know anyone in their class. I try not to stress about it too much and trust that things will work out. So far it has! We get to find out tomorrow who their teachers are and have a meet your teacher night. I'm looking forward to finding out. I'm sure I'll be blogging about it!

  2. Our daughters are both going into grade two! My little guy is starting school this year, too - I was so fed up with the whole situation at the end of the school year this spring that I planned on keeping them home - but my daughter really insists that she needs to go back! It's hard, isn't it?

  3. Our weather out here in western Colorado has cooled down and yes, it's a blessed relief. Your daughter will be fine. She'll make a whole new batch of friends. Children her age make new friends so easily. And I can speak from the other side of your worry about her new teacher. My daughter Mandy is a third grade teacher and she's very excited about meeting her new kids in two weeks. They're HER kids. She'd never yell at them. And she's always told me the kids who do best are the one's with good parental involvement. I think teachers like Mandy are the norm and bad teachers are the rarity. If my child had a teacher who wasn't up to par, I'd move her to another classroom in a heartbeat. Hopefully your daughter will have a teacher like Mandy, one who just loves her little students.

  4. It's so nice outside here too! Well, it's getting hot now, but this morning is was nice and cool. Sorry you're feeling yucky again! My daughter is going into 4th grade, and at her school, we haven't had a bad teacher yet! That school is such a blessing! And this year, there are only 2 teachers in the 4th grade, and I know them both!! Personally! So I am not worried at all!

  5. I so glad you are feeling better.

    That looks like a fun meme, I'll try and have a go at that later on tomorrow, I'll post you a comment when I've got it up on my blog. But right now I need to go and remind my hubby that he has a wife and not just a computer addict. Blessings. Sarah

  6. I like that MEME... I wonder if I could find stuff like that.

    My kids go back on the 10th. We're all done shopping so that's good. I need some QUIET... just counting down the days! (Bad mom...).

  7. That's a cool meme...not so sure I'll be able to find the pics etc, but will try.
    Hope you're completely over the cold and are enjoying your Sunday.


  8. I'm glad your heat wave finally broke. Enjoy. I do stress a lot about the school year. I stress about all the same things you do. I try to remember, that years ago when we were leaving Germany to go to Washington, I was stressing about the kids taking the bus, we lived across the street from the school in Germany so there was no bus. Then I stressed about them going to school off post. Then I stressed about them going to a totally new school. Then I stressed about how they will make new friends. Anyway this went on for at least a month or more. We got to Washington, they all went to school, and when they got home they had all loved it. In fact my one son commented "hey mom, I like this better than my old school." I was kind of blown away by the fact that I was the one who did all the stressing, not them, and It seems I did it all for nothing. Of course my hubby, affectionatly refered to as Einstein, said "I told you." How's that for an Earth shattering revelation? Try to keep in mind, that like most times, everything seems to work itself out. Or you can always try praying, at least it helps a little with the stressing.

  9. PS I am going to try the meme but I am not so hot with cut and paste so bear with me. Thanks.

  10. Well, I havent posted, or read any blogs in 2 days. We have been so busy. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather...glad you feel better. School registration for Madison is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it because its a new year but I still get sad. It will be fine...I know this. Madison will be in the 4th grade. She is getting so big.
    Hang in there.

  11. Wow, I wish that kind of weather would make it's way down here. It's way too hot for my likin'. That's sad that all the kids' friends have moved away. I hope that they are able to make friends right away with the other classmates. Good luck!

  12. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better!

    What a neat fun to see the pictures that came up! I'm going to attempt to do it this week, if I can!

  13. Hi Sandra!

    I've been trying to get your site up for several days now. Today I finally scrolled down, waaaay down, and found your posts. Not sure why that is happening or if it's happening to anyone else. All that to say I'll be playing catch up reading your posts. I do have a thank you for you at my site for your generous help with photbucket last week!

  14. I stress at the beginning of a new year too. I just want my kids to be happy and I know how stressful that first day is for a childd

  15. 70 degrees sounds wonderful! With the heat index, it is supposed to be around 110 today- at least thats what they said on the news this morning.
    I love that meme. It looks like a lot of fun!

  16. Sandra you are not alone. My son starts school soon and I am so nervous for him, he does not have any friends here and it is so scarey for me. I guess as mommies we wanna keep them protected.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better

  17. I love the photo meme. I may make an attempt at doing one myself.



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