Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Me, I'm getting exercise, and not because I went looking for it, it sort of found me. Now that it did though, I'm thrilled....hey I'll take anything that makes me loose weight without my body actually hearing the words "Diet and Exercise".

I've told you before, the minute it does, it goes beserk, and then you find me raiding the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets looking for food.

So this is what happened. As it's known, worldwide I'm sure, Jasmine started school last week. Even though she's in second grade, she still wants me to go drop her off and pick her up, whatever, it's fine with me. This means that we walk for 10 minutes to school and then back.....then repeat that in the afternoon. So I figure I'm getting 40 minutes of walking
everyday, but here is where the added exercise comes in. The wagon, my trusty green wagon!!!

The kids LOVE riding in it, so every afternoon when I go pick her up, Nicholas wants to ride in the wagon, which of course I pull. Then on the way back, I have both kids sitting in it. So that's almost 100 lbs in weight that I'm pulling, and then to make it better, I have to pull it through the grass field. HA!!!!

Have you ever tried pushing even a stroller through a nice green grass field??? It's tough I tell you, imagine now I'm pulling a wagon so it's exercising my arm muscles....BUT, I have to really push my legs to move, so I'm almost squatting as I walk. See what I mean???

So hey, next time the kids want a wagon ride somewhere, throw on some sweatpants and a tshirt, grab your water bottle and get ready to EXERCISE!!!

Last night, the dinner was supposed to be Sheppherd's Pie. Well the kids had Pizza in mind, so that's what I ended up making, Homemade Pizza. It was soooooo good. Go on over to my Food Blog and check it out, I even took pictures to entice you.

BTW, if you're looking for my Treasure Tuesday and Tackle it Tuesday entries, they are just below.

Yesterday I was talking to Jasmine about sleeping. It's a common subject in this house because both my kids are terrified of sleeping alone, in their rooms. It's frustrating for us, but I also can't bring myself to get upset about it, I too was a scaredy cat when it came to night time.
What I've started doing for Jasmine, the past 4 nights, is turn on the radio to a nice mellow radio station, and leave it on all night, real softly playing in the background. IT WORKS!!!
This is what I used to do for myself growing up. I think it gives you a sense of not being alone, you hear the voices on the radio, you hear the music and it lulls you to sleep.

Now if I'd just figured this out years ago, I would have been caught up on my sleep.

Seems that Julie over at A Joyful Life, and I, were on the same page, reading each other's thoughts today. While I was writing this post, I got sidetracked and then decided to go read some blogs. Well, low and behold, she posted about something that I was going to share with you all today too. So go on over to her blog and see what it is. :)

I have some laundry to tackle today and my kitchen floor really needs to be mopped. Not that it looks disgusting, but I can't stand the feel of any crumbs or anything sticky, it drives me nuts.

I better get my day started, my blog mobile is warmed and ready to go. Watch out bloggers, I'm heading your way.


  1. Hey, long time! I used to do this exercise tape with my oldest that was meant for kids and parents to do together. I'll try to find it and let you know. It was lots of fun.

  2. What a great way to fit some exercise into your day! I'll bet you'll start to notice a difference within just a few weeks!

    The homemade pizza looked great! I bet it was yummy!

    That's great you've found a way to help Jasmine fall asleep. When I lived on my own I used to fall asleep with the raido on too, otherwise it was to quiet. I listened to Delilah; of course that didn't always help me fall asleep quicker because I wanted to stay awake listening to the stories LOL

  3. I could cope with walking exercise like that. I don't want to get TOO tired out. :)

  4. Yay! What a great way to squeeze some exercise into your day! We are going to go for a walk tomorrow morning. It is only getting up to 90 degrees. We may have to get out the mittens. ;0)


  5. I think the best kind of exercise is the kind you don't have to do on purpose! Good for you!!

    Glad Jasmine (and you) are getting some sleep!! I've never thought of a radio. My kids sleep with those sound machines on turned to rain. They like it.

    Also, that pizza looked yummmmmmy!!

  6. That's what I call a multi tasking Mommy, Sandra. Excercise is so good for you too. I need to get back to walking, but I am going to wait one more month til the weather cools down, it is like a sauna here in Florida. :)

    Loved that you thought to play the radio for Jazzy and it worked!

  7. I would have paid to see you dragging 2 kids in a wagon through a field...or in a snowstorm 10 miles up hill.....just kidding. great idea for a work out though

    go over and see my friend sue at...99looseballoons.blogspot.com....she just started....

  8. You go girl! Great exercising!!

    My kids also listen to music at night. We do CD's that repeat themselves. We've tried radio and the moment talking seems to wake them up at times.

    It really does seem to help somehow.

  9. Hey wahtever it takes to excersise is worth it! My dog Katie-Bug makes sure I walk every day. Huggers!!!!

  10. That's such a great way to add exercise to your day! ANY little bit helps! And I bet you're kids will forever love you for it!! You have a FUN blog! I'll have to stop by more often to check it out! Thanks!

  11. Great idea for exercise. Pushing two kids has got to be a lot of work, but good for you. I need to get some ambition here. I can't wait to go on over and check out your food blog. It has such awesome recipes and I love that you post tons of pictures.


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