Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday!!! August 30th

The end of summer brings the anticipation of my favorite season, Fall. But it also brings the much needed "Home Update".

I learnt this tip a few years ago, and since then I stick to it every year and it does make things go smoother.

After the kids start school, it's time to get back in gear and it usually means getting my home and everything to do with it, caught up to date.

Here is what I do:

  • Declutter my outside shed. Put away lawn mower, weed eater, hoses and Barbecue Grills. The first year or two of being married, I left everything out and needless to say, I had to go buy new ones when the next summer came around.
  • Mend clothing that needs to be repaired. As I do the laundry, I set aside anything that's missing a button, or has a little tear or something, then I take one afternoon and mend it all.
  • Call up insurance agents for car, home etc....make sure that I have everything up to date.
  • Call up any credit cards or other debts that are being paid off, get the current balance and make sure I'm up to date on everything.
  • Check all my appliances, make sure they're working correctly and don't need any new parts.
  • Set aside the magazine subscriptions that come in, and go through them, then I only renew the ones that I DO read, instead of getting tons in the mail and paying for stuff I don't even have time to get to, or am no longer interested in.
  • Go through the closets and check which clothes still fit and which don't, then donate them.
  • Pull out the fall clothes, wash them all.
  • Clean up my computer...empty the recycle bin, delete programs no longer used, back up all the info etc.
  • Since I like making my own christmas cards, I start looking for the materials now and slowly start buying them, so I have enough time to finish them all and mail them off in time.
  • Start collecting ideas for Halloween costumes so that I can make them in time.

Obviously, I don't do this all in a day, but within a week I'm usually done with it, and then I can relax and start enjoying the changing of seasons. I can concentrate on my crafts and sewing and knitting etc. Feels a LOT better to be ready for the cooler temperatures :)

It Works for Me, hope it works for some of you too. If you want to play along, head on over to Rocks in my Dryer.


  1. hai sandra,
    Nice blog,the layout of page is very attracting.
    I like the header.
    Best of luck.
    keep in touch.

  2. Fantastic suggestions! I can't believe you make your own Christmas cards!

  3. Ohhh fun.. I'm gonna come back to this list next week once Sarah starts school!

  4. Sounds like spring cleaning in the FALL!!!! i suppose that would make it fall cleaning huh? i really need to start my christmas cards sooner!!!

  5. You go girl! I always love how my house feels after a good fall declutter and clean. Unfortunately, it takes me much longer because I have to work around my full time dayhome which means I have up to 6 little ones milling about! :)

    And you so have to post up one of your homemade Christmas cards! How personal is that! Lovely!

  6. Great idea! So funny because I just finished my post on trying to get more organized before Matt gets home. Thanks for the tips!
    You make your own Christmas cards? I have really wanting to do that this year. You must give me some ideas! LOL!

  7. Good ideas Sandra. I still think of Autumn as a new beginning, I guess relating to my "back to school" days. I used to love getting new notebooks and folders and saying to myself that this year "I will keep everything really neat and not use sloppy handwriting" ah!!

  8. Great ideas! I may have to follow suit with some of these!

  9. Great suggestions! I'm afraid it would take me longer than a week, though. I can find so many ways to procrastinate doing some of that. You're amazing in your focus!

  10. Oh my I love your template. What a beautiful header.

    I've been doing fall cleaning for two months now and still I'm not finished!

  11. Wow, I need to print off your list and do some of these myself! Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks also for your comment on my WFMW creating blogging categories post. Let me know how the beta blogger is working for you, will you?

  12. thank you for reminding me that i need to get on top of this!

  13. That's a great accomplishment if you finish it all in a week! I get sidetracked too easily! Might have to try some of them myself.

  14. wow I can't believe you get that done all in a week!

  15. Your so good. I love how you organize your thoughts and then go down the list. I need to try this. I have my chance with moving and all of actually getting things I don't need to people who could use them by donation. I wish I could put away my weed wacker and lawn mower, but as you know we have to mow here year round. YUCK!!!!

  16. Halloween......I cant wait for costumes.


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