Thursday, November 9, 2006

Come on in and get warm.....

we have some snow on the way and I'm actually excited for it. I don't know why but I'm the type that if it's cold enough then at least I want to see some white, not just have me freeze my tooshie off for no reason LOL

So I've got some coffee ready for us, Caramel Truffle!!! OH.MY!!! It is SO good, I've already had two cups but I've got another pot going so that I can sip this velvety goodness ALL.DAY.LONG.

Before I continue, let me just tell you that I've been reading your blogs this morning, trying to catch up with everyone, but unfortunately Blogger is PMS'ing and won't let me comment, something about "server problems and the engineer has been notified" *snort*
Yeah, I would love to meet this famous engineer, I have a couple of things to say to him/her/it. (what?? it could be computerized right?)

Anyway, come sit with me and let's chat. I am so glad that I'm back to my chipper old self, if there is one thing I can't stand, is being or feeling down and out of control. Takes the fun right out of life doesn't it???

Alright, well last night I made Monterey Chicken for dinner. If you've ever gone to Chili's and had this, you know it's the chicken with the barbecue sauce, topped with bacon and cheese and green onions. I ALWAYS get that, I don't even try anything else because I know I'm going to love this one. So anyway, last night I made it, and to tell you that it's good is an understatement....Jasmine had 3 helpings. Yeah, miss.little.bites.and.never.hungry, had 3 BIG HELPINGS.

I tried to get a photo for the blog but before I could get back to the kitchen with the camera, my family had gobbled down almost all of it....I'm glad they were thoughtful enough to leave me some. So go and get the recipe at my food blog, right HERE, and try it for yourself, you know you can't go wrong when your husband turns to you, mid bite, and says "You ROCK, from now on when you make chicken I want it like this".

You know what I just realized??? I'm actually early in my posting today, it's been so nutty the past week, I'm amazed I was able to pull this off earlier than expected, believe me, you don't want me here talking after dark, I get loopy and crazy and don't make much sense at all. LOL

So you all know that I love paranormal shows and scary stuff, don't ask why, because I'm the first to get all scared and cover my eyes, but whatever, I still watch them.
I was watching Ghost Hunters last night (another bright moment for me huh?), and they were investigating a Victorian House that claims to be haunted. While down in the basement, Jason and Grant start hearing a woman's voice saying "hello" and then she laughs, this evil, maniacal laugh....Ok I would have been out of there so fast!!!! But they stay and start looking for the voice and doing what they do best, obviously, that's why they're Ghost Hunters and I'm a SAHM LOL

I still watch it though, I just love the guys they're awesome and hey, my favorite is Steve Goncalves, just because he's cute and he's portuguese LOL I'm so shallow aren't I??? LOL

Anyway, so with it being Veteran's Day tomorrow, the kids are off school. This afternoon they are doing a little concert put together for the troops on base, I think it's so sweet. Jasmine was telling me how they've been making cards for the moms and dads who are active duty, saying thank you for their sacrifices and for keeping them safe. How sweet is that???

So we're heading to the school at 2pm, where the kids will be singing The Star Spangled Banner and the Air Force Song. I'm definitely going to be recording it and taking pictures, can't wait to share them with you all :)

Well I'm going to top off my coffee cup and try to get some comments on your blogs. It's driving me nuts that I can't say anything, it's like torture, tempting me with the great posts and then slamming the door in my face, I can just imagine Blogger sitting in a corner pointing the finger at me and mean is that???

Have yourselves a merry little christmas great Thursday :)
If you're looking for the Slow Cooking Thursday, it's just below, go check out my Peach cobbler and all the other great recipes being shared :)

God Bless,

Ok so I'm making Hay and Straw, I know a lot of you were confused, believe me, it's not really Hay and Straw and no, we haven't turned into horses overnight LOL
Go on over and check the recipe if you don't believe me.... :)

Rachael Ray

Are you a mom who never makes time for yourself? Then tune in for a crash course in time management! Plus, a beautiful mystery taster leaves Rachael stumped, and find out how to make delicious soup in 15 minutes.
General Hospital
Jason is desperate to learn what has become of Sam.

Ugly Betty
Betty is asked to review a fancy hotel; Wilhelmina covets advertising dollars from a wealthy Texan (Brett Cullen); and Sofia (Salma Hayek) and her entourage throw their weight around, much to Daniel's chagrin.
Grey's Anatomy
The men of Seattle Grace go on a camping trip together; Addison and Callie team up on a case; Meredith assists Mark Sloan with a procedure unlike any she has experienced; and Bailey confronts Cristina on her recent actions at the hospital.
The ER deals with a patient whose personality changes are more baffling than his physical problems; Abby has an odd---and unexpected---encounter with Curtis Ames (Forest Whitaker); and Weaver gets an interesting offer.

Changing Bed Linens
Starting Christmas Cards and Decorations
Jasmine's School Concert


  1. OMG Sandra, I'm a huge Ghost Hunters Fan!!! I watched the whole 6 hours when they investigated live from the Stanley Hotel, the whole thing! That voice that says Hello was freaky, so was the table that jumped up.....ohhh i Love that show!!!

  2. Miranda - YAY, I'm so glad we have that in common too, I LOVE Ghost Hunters, those guys are great :) That voice really WAs freaky and the table thing, I remember that, Grant was freaked out LOL

    Did you watch the one where Grant was sleeping and the camera caught the blankets being pulled off his feet?? THAT was scary LOL

  3. Sandra, I just love the warm and cozy feel good feeling I get when we have a cup of that delicious coffee together. That Chicken dish sounds great so I think I'll go check it out! Enjoy your day! :)

  4. Expecting snow soon? Hmm. Almost everywhere, except in our part of the world, seems to be expecting snow soon.


    And Ghost Hunters? Not for me. Too scared.


  5. That coffee sounds good! And your hay & straw recipe looks good too!
    Ghost hunters? Not for me either, too scared. I do watch ER but still haven't watched my tape from last week, yikes.
    Snow? It's 80 degrees here today; that's just not right!

  6. Glad to hear that your Monterey Chicken was such a big hit with your family! :)

    I wish we lived close enough to actually sit across from each other and have a chat. ((sigh))

  7. This was a great post! Very entertaining and also great information and recipes! (Everything I love in a good blog post!) LOL

    I saved the Monterey chicken and the hay and straw recipes to my favorites! I was WONDERING what in the heck that was! LOL That chicken is a MUST on my menu plan for next week! MUST I TELL YOU! lol

    I miss watching Rachel Ray every single day. I do catch 30-minute meals a couple times of week with Daisy Girl -- we always love that. I need to start taping her talk show or something so I can see it! (I wake dh when it starts, make his lunch and drive him to work -- so I would miss almost all of it)

    This is the longest comment ever, I know -- but I am so excited that Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy and ER is on tonight! That is my lineup as well! I'm a HUGE Ugly Betty fan! She's awesome.

    Have a great day!


  8. That coffee sounds wonderful! What brand is it?

    It's cold here too. Snowed alot in a city 2 hours away from us but we didn't get a drop, just the cold. Brrr!

    Your chicken as usual sounds wonderful too! You've really got to get into doing care packages that you send to your blogging friends! :v)

  9. I'd love to meet that "engineer" too sometimes, grrr ;o)

  10. Hello! As far as movies and books go I only want to say GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! Thanks for the sweet comment.

    The Monterey Chicken sounds super delicious so is a must try.

    I have never seen Ghost Hunters as I don't think I get that channel. I only get two and I also have a very overly imaginative imagination so I am not sure if it is for me. I am the Ghost and Mrs. Muir type :)
    i.e. a wimp ;~

  11. Yum Chicken.
    I love your blog, I have been here a few times. I have a question - where do I find the code for your slow cooker thursday? I have looked around but I am not finding it. A would love to participate.

  12. OOooh, snow! We see snow here maybe once a decade and then it's not much :) Snow always seems so wonderful to me! But, that caramel truffle coffee sounds even better - yummy!

    I'm copying down that Monterey chicken - yum-o :)

  13. You can send some snow my way - we had 80 degree weather today - in Nov!

    I couldn't comment on blogger yesterday, so I got behind on commenting, tried to catch up today and that didn't happen because I volunteered to work at the Airman's Attic, then I was at the Single Airmen's Dinner tonight - so I'm so far behind on my commenting I don't know how I'm going to catch up - and ER is on 5!

    I bet it'll be so cute to hear the kiddos singing "off we go....into the wild blue yonder..." have fun!

  14. Stinkin' blogger! I HATE when that happens. I was finally able to visit my blog friends the other day and STINKIN' Blogger wouldn't let me comment! Aarrgghhh!!

  15. Well, I just love visiting you as always...I know the kids concert was adorable..I love things like this. Ghost Hunters...I would be all ove rthis. I have stayed in a Haunted B&B before.....saw and felt a few things....thats another post though. Have a great weekend.

  16. Hey Sandra! I love reading your blog! I don't think I've ever left a comment though. Hay and Straw sound very yummy, I'll have to give it a try soon. Your blog is very welcoming and I love all the colors. Have a wonderful day!


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