Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dagnabit it's morning already!!!

I'm in a cranky mood today, not only am I not feeling very well and have TONS of errands to run, but I got not sleep last night. Was up with Jasmine, seems she pulled a muscle in her neck (while sleeping) and then woke me up at 2am because it hurt and she couldn't go back to sleep....gave her some pain medicine and was able to get her back to sleep at 4am. So at this point I'm thinking "Oh Lord, I really need to get to bed, I'm exhausted"....and you know when you're up in the middle of the night, you're so tired that you actually get nauseous???

Yeah, that was the point I was at....but I finally crawled back into bed, pulled the covers over me and snuggled up next to Nicholas. (Daddy works midshift so little one sleeps with mommy)
Within 30 minutes he wakes up crying that he needs to go potty....ok, so I'm up again taking him, all the good that does because he had already peed on my bed.
THIS is the point where your tired and deluded mind comes into action because seriously, in my sane well rested moments, I would NEVER think something like this:

Insane Me - *looking at the wet bed* I wonder if I can just scoot all the way to the edge and go back to sleep and then deal with the sheets in the morning, it's not politically incorrect is it?
Sane Me - You're kidding right? You'll be asleep, which means you most likely will move over and land smack dab in the middle of that pile of pee.

OHKAYYYY.....clean him up, change the sheets (thank goodness the comforter wasn't on him so it was clean)....look up at the clock, it's 5:30am...well, no use getting back into bed now only to be up in 30 minutes. Good morning sunshine!!! (not really, there's no sun out yet, dagnabit)

So I have my wonderful coffee in my hand, I even had a hard time getting the pot going this morning, would you believe me if I told you I put the filter in and the water and then turned it on and sat there wondering why in the world the coffee looked like water????
HEY, Sandra, how about some actual *coffee granules* in there?!?!?! I don't know, just a hint weirdo!!! *sigh* such is my day today!!!
What's that saying again "WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS"???

Oh before I forget, if you look just below, you'll see my Works for me Wednesday post, yes I know it's been forever since I've participated, but I figured what the heck, I'm up *way too early* and have nothing to do, and since it's the Christmas Edition, I felt I could actually contribute something because I ran out of ideas for the usual one. *snort*

I've seen a lot of new faces around my blog, seems that some lurkers have come out of the woodwork and started leaving me such nice comments, thank you all, I LOVE making new friends. I'm hoping for some time today to go by and say hi, and you can ask any of my older friends here, I always come bearing coffee and yummy goodies to eat, don't I??? LOL

Oh I don't know how I'm going to make it through today, I'm thinking that at some point I may just pass out with exhaustion, but maybe all the coffee I'm ingesting will do the trick. One thing is for certain, I can NOT wait for bedtime.

Why is it that when you want the day to drag, it flies by, and then when you really want it to hurry up and end, it drags??? I just know that it's going to be one of those, and I'm not one for power naps, or I would certainly take one this afternoon. I'm a weird person, I don't do the whole "nap in the afternoon" thing, because when I wake up, I'm IMPOSSIBLE to live with. I'm cranky as heck and I'm annoyed because I wanted to sleep more and now it's just made me even more tired. There HAS to be a school you go to where they teach you how to take "20 minute power naps"....come on, some of you *must* know where it is, help a lady out will ya???

It's payday in military land, YIPPEE!!! It also means grocery shopping and paying bills and all that fun stuff that makes being a housewife all the more rewarding. *insert sarcasm here* lol
But yes, my day is going to consist of dropping Jasmine off at school, come back home and finish the menus and grocery list, go get groceries, come back home and put them away, go to the post office, go drop off the books at the library (they're late, YIKES), run by airman's attic to drop off donations.
Run back home, fix lunch for Nicholas, watch General Hospital, run back out to pick up Jasmine, run by Cop Shack to get fingerprints for my Legal paperwork, come back home and start fixing dinner.

So if you see my energy laying around anywhere, please pick it up and send it on back to me??? It was already gone by the time I got up this morning, sneaky little one!!!

I wanted to share a picture with you, this was the sky last night as the sun started setting, isn't it gorgeous??? We always take for granted the beauty around us, we just assume it's a sky and a sunset, but don't take nearly enough time to *really* look at it.

So I'm leaving you with that picture, because I'm running out of things to say, my poor exhausted mind is not thinking straight. I could just start spouting off the words running around in my mind, but believe me, you would have NO CLUE as to what I was saying. LOL

Oh I almost forgot, some of you asked me what Paperbackswap is...welllllll, it's this wonderful site where you list the paperback books that you no longer want and for each book that someone requests from you, and you send out, you get a credit which you can then use to request books for yourself. It's a great way to get rid of the older ones you have and get the ones you've been looking for. I've been on there for about a year and I've managed to get rid of most of mine, but in return I've gotten so many great ones, especially Christian books that I was looking for.

It's also really easy to do. You list your books, someone requests a book from you and you get an email saying that the book is requested. Then you go to your account, print out a wrapper for it, stick on 4 stamps and send it off, that's it. How neat is that???
So if you like books as much as I do, go ahead and give it a try, for the first 8 or 9 books that you list, you get 3 free credits :)

Have a wonderful wednesday, and hopefully when you see me tomorrow morning, I'm well rested and not weird like today. I'm out, and I'm taking my coffee with me, sorry, I really need it.

God Bless,

For dinner we're having Pastitsio, I will post the recipe later today.


  1. Oh my have lots to do today! I hope your day does fly since you got so little sleep last night! I'm not a power napper either. I need to get at least an hour and a half if I do take a nap or I'm unbearable to be around!!

    Hope you have a good day and get some much needed sleep tonight!

  2. I'm so sorry, and I completely understand. I've been there many a time with my 3 little ones. I'll pray for you today.

  3. I just found your blog and LOVE IT... so sorry your night was horrible... but i think I would of gone back to bed and slept more but then again i can do that now... my baby is only 5m old lol...

  4. Oh Sandra that is hard. Is there not an errand or two that can just be left till tomorrow? I hope you have a really good sleep tonight to make up for your lack of last night!

  5. I came across your blog back in May, and you have been a regular read of mine ever since. I am making your ravioli lasagna tonight for dinner. And, I am VERY excited to try it!!!

  6. My husband can do the power nap thing, but I just can't. If I take a nap, I can't sleep at night. So frustrating because sometimes I WANT to take a nap.

    Wasn't the sunset last night wonderful? I love the picture you posted. I actually took a couple pictures which I'll be putting on my sunrise/sunset blog.

  7. (((Hugs)))) You poor thing - and yes, I do know that nauseous feeling you get from being COMPLETELY exhausted - try to remember, that though we don't like the exhaustion, the days pass too quickly and soon we will be wishing our little ones still needed us. :)

    I sure do hope you feel better soon!!!!

  8. Sandra, I know just how you feel when you have tons of things to do, and just want to take a nap. I do hope you get plenty of sleep tonight.
    What a beautiful sunset! Thank you for sharing.
    I joined paperbackswap yesterday and I've already gotten 2 requests! Amazing!!
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll, Sandra!
    Oh, my goodness, your pizza dough recipe was absolutely wonderful!! Ladies, you have to try this!! Thank you for sharing your very yummy recipe.
    Sandra, I'll be praying that you feel better tomorrow.

  9. So if you see my energy laying around anywhere, please pick it up and send it on back to me???

    De-lurking to say that made my sorry everything was so overwhelming today for your blog...just found it a few days ago

  10. i FEEL your pain!! Seems like between three kids, one of them is bound to wake up in the middle of the night, and most times, a second one will a little while later. I don't think I remember what 'a decent night sleep' feels like! So sorry you had to get up after a night like that. Those are the mornings you want to just crawl UNDER the bed and hide! (But can't. Because there are kids. And someone has to take care of them. And that's us.) They'll never know how much we love them, will they??? =)

  11. HUGS It seems everyone I've visited today is either going through a bad time or feeling a little under the weather or getting dodgy comments on their blog...and here's me with my hormonal imbalance (lol yes it's that time of the month) needing some comforting...only kidding. I hope you get some much needed rest. Poor Sandra I so understand. We mothers have the most wonderful and yet heavy responsibility on our shoulders and sometimes it would be just so nice to snuggle down and have someone else do the chores for us...but we keep on going. Just think Super Mum with her cape of power. (I must dig that photo out I've still got it somewhere).

    One day we'll look back on these times and laugh...

  12. I got a little queasy just reading this, Sandra. I do know that nauseaus feeling you get in the middle of the night when you're beyond tired.

    Lots of days I'd benefit hugely from a nap but a naps completely ruins the rest of the day and evening for me.

    I hope you get through this day quickly and fall back into a nice dry bed tonight.

    Your book swap sounds like a great idea. What a great way to share books for no more expense than four stamps.

  13. sorry you had an awful night; I hope last night was much better and you were able to catch up on some sleep!


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