Sunday, November 5, 2006

It's Sunday already?!?!?!

This weekend went by a little too quick for my taste, but I have to say that I spent yesterday in the kitchen, which is like my favorite room in the house. Wanna know what I was doing in there???

Well, while I had Chunky Chili cooking in the crockpot, I set to work on Barb's Breakfast Burritos, which have become to me...breakfast, lunch and dinner.....yes I'm dinner yesterday was a burrito and this morning I had one for breakfast and I just found myself in the freezer grabbing another one.....I would be worried, but really they are divine, so I don't care. LOL
My hubby loves them too Barb, thank you for sharing your recipe....he's already making plans to take them in for his lunches :)

So it's sunday and it's raining and cloudy and just one of those days that make me want to crawl back into bed and watch tv. You ever feel like that???
Just close the blinds, get under the warm covers and watch a chick flick on tv, without interruptions from the kids and the phone and know how that goes right??? You're right in the middle of a good scene and something interrupts and you pause the movie, then start again and are completely confused and lost LOL I do that SO many times!!!

If you've gone over to my book blog, you'll realize that I haven't posted anything in FOREVER....I do plan to soon, but I am going to be busy today with the house and getting the Halloween decorations put away, so I don't know if I'll have time, but I will definitely try to go in and post some new books reviews :)

I need to make a run to the BX this afternoon for a couple of of them being CD's so that I can go through my computer and backup a LOT of stuff. I'm one of these people that loves photos, files and videos and whatever....I think I download tons of things daily and after a while my poor computer starts slowing down, waving the white flag "please please lady, stop". So I'm gearing up to do a major Fall Cleaning on my computer this week.

Now there's a couple of things I want to bring to your attention, some goin ons in blogging world.

The first is my wonderful friend Courtney from "Waiting on my Soldier"...after 14 months of Matt, her hubby, being gone to Iraq, he will finally be home with them tomorrow, she's ecstatic and I'm sooooo thrilled and happy for her and the kids. If you get a chance go on over and show her some support and leave some Welcome Home messages to her wonderful soldier hubby Matt. :)

Tomorrow I'm redoing the Holiday Traditions post, and I'm sorry if I keep repeating myself, but I want to be sure to remind everyone so that they're ready to come and post their links. Like I said yesterday, I will repost the original entry and a new Mr Linky, I will however go ahead and re-enter all the links that were already on there, but if you did participate I suggest you come back and make sure that I have you, wouldn't want to miss someone :)

My other wonderful friend Laura from "I'm an Organizing Junkie" is doing a wonderful thing. I admire that lady immensely and she's just too awesome for words, always leaves us in awe of her organizational skills. SO, with that in mind she's putting together a "30 Day Organizational Challenge", go on over and read the rules and prepare to whip your homes into shape :)

Hubby and I are thinking about buying our first home. It's exciting but OH.SO.SCARY!!! I could use a lot of advice from all of you, really, anything you think we should know would help immensely. You know it's great to take such a big step but it's also terrifying, I always feel like I did when I got married and moved away from home...excited but as scared as a little kid. So feel free to leave as much advice as you can or want to, it will all be welcomed :)

And that is all I have for today, I need to get the kids ready and head to the BX. Hubby is back on midshift this week, which means he'll be going in tonight at 11pm....hence why he's still asleep at this hour. So, I'm taking the kids to the store and getting them out of the house, I'm getting tired of repeating the same thing over and over "SHHHH daddy is sleeping" or "Stop yelling at each other". See???? It's annoying after a while!!!

Before I leave though, I want to ask all my blogging friends to email me with their addresses, I'm working on my Christmas cards and I REALLY REALLY would love to send some to you. Please, Pretty Please, with a cherry on top?!?!?!

Have a wonderful sunday :)

Hubby's favorite is on the menu for tonight....Beef Curry. Go check out the recipe on my food blog if you're interested :)

7th Heaven

Eric refuses to tell Annie about his diagnosis despite the rumors cropping up about his condition. Elsewhere, Lucy babysits for Sandy and decides it is time to try again for another child.
Desperate Housewives
A hostage crisis at a Fairview supermarket leads to tragedy.
Brothers and Sisters
Kitty and Warren's weekend getaway in the country isn't so peaceful; Thomas and Julia explore options for starting a family.
Grey's Anatomy
Derek receives a surprise visit from his sister (Embeth Davidtz); Cristina scrubs in for a rare procedure, to the envy of her peers; Addison and George treat a pregnant woman with an unusual problem; and Alex ponders his future in medicine.

Steam Cleaning Carpet
Taking down Halloween Decorations
Running to BX


  1. HI Sandra.
    That's so exciting to buying a home. Good luck with that.
    my e-mail addy is on the food page.
    I'd love to send you a card too. Michelle

  2. I'm so glad you all like the burritos. They're practically a staple around here and it's great to just pull breakfast or dinner out of the freezer on a busy night.

    My advice about buying a house? DO IT!

    Boy, I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger working on my Holiday Traditions post, baking a huge batch of pumpkin cookies and trying to get out here to go to Aaron's birthday dinner. Whew! I'm going to sleep like a lamb tonight.

    I'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning with my link. I'm sooo glad you're accomodating all of us who didn't quite have our act together! :-)

  3. I'll be there tomorrow with my Holidays post. I'll put a reminder up today.

    Buying a house? As Barb said, DO IT!! Start reasonable so you can build equity for the next one. That's exciting!

  4. A house of your own! Go for it. So much better to be paying into your own house than giving rent to someone else. Have fun looking. Write down what is really important to you to have in a house so you don't lose focus as your looking at all sorts of stuff.

    Am I missing it or is your email address not posted here on your site?

    That chili sounds wonderful and yes I sure do know what you mean about staying in bed with a good book. I'd love to do that with a nice hot cup of tea, but alas, I had to make an announcement in church today that I absolutely had to be there so that is not my books for today. Sigh.

  5. Hi Sandra, thanks for your sweet words! I would love to email you my address but I can't find your email address. How exciting to be thinking about buying a home. What are your requirements and must haves? Also if you don't mind could you relink to my 30 Day Challenge as I have a new post up with my pretty banner and Mr. Linky. Thanks my friend, Laura

  6. First of all - about buying the house --- GO FOR IT!!! I agree with Susanne - make a list of must haves; it's too easy to be sidetracked while looking. :)

    One more thing - I would love to send you my address - but can't seem to find your email addy.

    Anxious to share my Holiday Traditions - thanks for giving us a second chance!

  7. I'm making those burritoes tomorrow....and cant wait...I'll post my traditions in the morning

  8. I cant find your email me at

  9. I'm going to try to do your Holiday Traditions, if I can come up with something. We did holidays for almost 30 years, surely theres something and my brain is just tired...

  10. Buying a house is so exciting! Write a list of all the things you would like it to have before you go looking!
    I would love to exchange Christmas cards. What is your email address??

  11. I've got to try those burritos soon, they look so good.
    Buying a house sounds like fun! Good luck with it.

  12. I really do have to try those burritos.

    Buying a home. Wow, very exciting.


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