Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I've got to get my behind into gear!!!

At least today it's a little better than yesterday, I'm posting in the afternoon as opposed to late at night, that's an improvement right??? Just say yeah even if you don't agree LOL

I've been, well, I don't know what I've been doing, I am so busy lately that by the end of the day I sit back and try to remember all I did and honestly, if I can come up with ONE specific thing, that is amazing.

I have promised myself to slow down though, I hate the feeling of life zipping by and not enjoying it, isn't that just the worst thing???

So anyway, here I am, happy and content, not exactly caught up on all my blogging friends, but I promise to be by tonight, so please, if I haven't come your way yet in a few days, just hang in there, don't close the door on me ok??? I did promise to bring coffee and donuts!!!

It's been raining here, started last night and apparently it's supposed to keep up through the rest of thi
s week, which makes me yearn for friday all the more, just knowing that I can sleep in and not have the "morning rush". You know the weather has been weird here, it's rainy but warm in a way, then there's all sorts of stuff all over the ground, there's soggy leaves and "eeewwww" worms....I want to say I've stepped on a few but just saying it makes me gag, so just whatever, imagine it LOL

I'm still waiting on you all to email me your addresses, that is if you would like a Christmas card from me. I would love to send you one :)

I've been getting all my stuff ready to start on my christmas decorations, I want to be like Barb and make tons, I mean she's made what like a gazillion stars??? She's just crafty like that, so I want to do it too, though I'm sure I will end up getting only 10 or so done...who knows.

But while out yesterday, I picked up two new magazines, one is called Paper Crafts, and let me tell you, it's now one of my new favorite MUST.BUYS. It's filled with great crafts for the holidays and even better, handmade christmas card ideas, which is something I've been looking for. I always see these real crafty ones and want to get in there too, besides I think it makes them so much more personal ;)

Yes my dear friends, the lists have started, there's gift lists and food lists and all sorts of other lists. LISTS LISTS LISTS!!!
I'm trying to cut back on my spending this year though, I think we get so carried away with the christmas shopping and honestly, spending a fortune on gifts is ridiculous.
I'm thinking maybe half bought and half homemade??? Will see!!!

Well it's time to start dinner and then I need to steam clean my carpets while it's in the oven....the dinner, not the carpets in the oven....just clearing that up, I got myself a little confused after reading that LOL

So I leave you with my usual lists of what I'm doing today :)

Have a great tuesday night, stay safe and stay warm....and Courtney, I'm SO glad Matt is back home with you guys. Thank you for your service SPC. Matt Cleveland and WELCOME HOME!!!

God Bless,

On the menu for tonight is Monterey Chicken, and it's YUMMY. I will have the recipe posted by tomorrow morning :)

Biggest Looser

The duos get a surprise when some of the 36 other contestants return to the ranch for a chance to rejoin the competition. The challenge involves hauling thousands of pounds inside a warehouse.
Ghost Hunters - SciFi 8pm - 11pm
Two repeat episodes and the new Halloween special from The Stanley Hotel, set of Steven King's "The Shining"

Steam Cleaning Carpet
Getting pictures ready to be mailed
Updating menu on this blog and food bloog
Posting Dinner's Recipe on Food Blog


  1. Chicken Montery sounds yummy! If you are going to make those snowment and mitten decorations, can I say they are adorable? They are cute!

  2. I hear you on the "busy" thing - feeling "in over my head" over here. Hang in there - just hoping it doesn't stay this way until Christmas!!! How's the house hunt going??

  3. Susanne - The chicken is SO good, you should try it :) I'm making the snowmen and the mittens, aren't they adorable???

    Beckyb - It's crazy isn't it? Just busy busy all the time :) The house hunt has been put on hold right now, seems that hubby might have to go to Afghanistan the beginning of next we're waiting to see :)

  4. Sandra I need your email address...pleeeaaaasssseeee...then I can send you my address. I love getting mail from friends!



  5. Laura - I just added a little button to my blog, right under my profile, that way you guys can click it and email me :) Sorry I didn't have it up sooner :) Hugs!

  6. Cleaning the carpets??? Oooo, you're way too motivated! Those ornaments you're going to make are reeaaally cute!!

  7. You and the steam cleaning!!! Oh - I need to do that here soooo badly!

    You have a new look again! How do you find the time to keep changing it?!?

  8. I've always hated cleaning carpets, which is why we only have tile in our house now. :)

    I know what you mean about being so busy! I'm having the same problem.

    I did post a recipe for Slow Cooker Thursday. Will you be hosting that tomorrow?

  9. Oh Sandra, you just crack me up. I haven't made a gazillion Santa stars. Just 153. Yes, I counted them. Sigh...I'm nuts like that. But really, I'll be lucky if I end up with ten of them for my own tree. I make these ornaments each year for my daughters and myself to give as gifts. And I do enjoy it although most people would think six of them was just fine.

    I'm tickled to death that you sound like your old (hahaha - you're soooo old) self again. And like you, I'm suddenly so busy I feel like my whole blogging thing is just way behind. I'm trying but honestly, I'm stuggling to keep up with everyone.

    I just love coming over here. I always feel like we're sharing a cup of tea and chatting. I ALMOST feel like we're not busy, busy.


  10. Life does just zip by sometimes. I think it's good to savour each moment, even something mundane like folding washing. I'm always trying to rush to the next thing. Lol.

  11. I know what you mean about being busy and its only going to get worse with the holidays and all. So get ready. I
    have to clean the house today or sell it...just kidding....have a great day

  12. This is definitely a busy time of year. I love the mittens and snowmen. They are too cute! I like craft things; I'm just not good at following through and completing them. Instead, I am making a piano solo CD to give as Christmas gifts. Next year I PLAN to make scrapbooks of my favorite recipes (to give as gifts). That's going to be a year-long project, though. I'm rather tired of doing the whole shopping-for-a-gift thing and would like to more homemade things.


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