Sunday, November 12, 2006


So remember I told you that yesterday I wanted to get some sewing done, and you're probably waiting to see some wonderful result, well, I have none.

Yeah, I sat down with the fabrics and the directions and projects and got stuck trying to figure out which one to make first....about 30 minutes later I'm still sitting there staring at I got nothing done.

I'm frustrated with myself, I really need to get these started but you know, I also need to realize that trying to get things done on the weekend when everyone is home, is NOT a good idea.

Hubby is working midshift which means he is like a baby on a switched schedule, you know when you bring them home and they sleep all day and then stay awake all night??? Just like that, which is frustrating for me, especially trying to keep the kids quiet. What's up with kids and ear piercing shrieks, and just when did they turn into Bainshees???

So as you can see, I got nothing done, other than laundry, which I still have another two loads to get through and then a couple baskets to put away. MY.FAVORITE.PART....not really, actually I think that is the ONE process of laundry that I most hate, but what can you do???

I've signed up with the Laundry Fairies but they seem to be resisting. Something about "too much to put away" and "not enough fun involved"....who knows???

Just had to share that cartoon, it cracks me up LOL

I want to ask you all to please say a prayer for my MIL, she's having a bit of a hard time with the treatments and she's also dealing with being anemic etc....she has surgery coming up in December so please keep her in your prayers. I would really appreciate that :)

We just found out too that hubby might be leaving for Afghanistan the beginning of the year and that will be a minimum of 6 months, so keep him in your prayers too please.
It's just another part of the whole military family thing, and it's hard but it's worth it :)

I don't know what I'm going to be doing today, other than keeping children quiet as a mouse and getting some cleaning done too. I'm hoping for some TV time, I miss just laying on the couch and flipping through the channels, watching whatever comes up. Maybe I'll get lucky and the kids will take a nap??? Nah, I didn't think so!!!

Oh before I forget, I was thinking about my favorite South African dishes and what I miss about home, and I posted recipes for Koeksusters and Melktert, you have GOT to try both, they are delicious...especially if you have a sweet tooth.

I'm sorry I don't have anything interesting to share with you all today, I'm having a blah day, I've had this bad sinus/tension headache since yesterday and it's really bugging me. It interferes with my train of thought, actually, it doesn't take much to do that, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I better go make some lunch for these hungry kids, I'm making some Tuna Salad but with Black eyed peas, olive oil and vinegar, it's really really good. Try it some time :)

Have a wonderful sunday,

For dinner I'm making Fake Steak with Rice, will post the recipe for you later.

7th Heaven

Lucy has her hands full dealing with the teens and Sandy while Eric and Annie are away, but the most trouble comes from Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman), who selfishly refuses to leave Scotland to be with the family.
Desperate Housewives
Bree meets Orson's mother (Dixie Carter), and the women don't exactly hit it off. Meanwhile, Gaby decides to get back into modeling, and Lynette is suspicious of her new neighbor. Karl Mayer: Richard Burgi.

Brothers and Sisters
Justin's vow of sobriety is severely tested by the unsettling contents of a letter.
Celebrity Paranormal Project
A mental asylum is explored by Traci Lords, Gilbert Gottfried, NFL player Jeremiah Trotter, Evan Farmer ("While You Were Out") and Kimberly Caldwell ("American Idol").



  1. Hi! Found your blog via the Family Friendly Blogroll. Wanted to say a quick hello from another AF wife/mom. :)

  2. Hi Sandra,

    First, I have to tell you I'm soooo glad you didn't do a linky with your five senses post. I promised I'd come to the party and then got completely sidetracked yesterday. Whew. I'm determined sooner or later I'll get my act together enough to do this one with you.

    Your posts are always interesting, even when you think they're blah.

    The thought of your husband going over there for six months makes me cringe. I'm praying about this. Big time. They need to let him stay with you and the kids although I know as a military family, you both accept what they dish out and do it proudly. I hope you know how much all of us appreciate the sacrifices you make for us.

    I loved this post. And I hope your head feels better soon. I'm coming down with a sore throat so I'm thinking Cameron's germs probably caught me in spite of being as careful as I could. Yuck.

    Talk to you again soon. I'm determined to get caught up with everyone and then stay that way.


  3. I don't think your post is blah at all. And I most definitely will pray for your MIL and also your hubby and you guys too.

    I know sometimes when my hubby needs to sleep during the day because I'm sensitive to the noise level because I'm trying to make it good for him, I'm oversensitive to how loud the kids actually are. And I'm always on their case when in actuality he didn't even hear them. Could this be the case for you too? You may be stressing more than you have to.

  4. Hi Sandra! I posted my 5 Sense late yesterday. Thank you for posting yours, I love the ones you posted. But then again, I love your posts, I feel like I'm actually listening to you talk. Your little cartoon cracks me up!!
    I will be praying that you husband doesn't have to go to Afghanistan; because it's nice when families can spend time with each other. But at the same time, I want you to know that if he does end up going to Afghanistan, we'll be very proud of him for his service to our country and we'll keep him in prayer for safety and I swift return to you.
    I checked ut the koeksusters and Melktert recipes. I'll have to give them a try.
    I certainly hope you get to feeling better. It's such a drag to feel under the weather.

  5. I will also be praying for your MIL.

  6. There are so many prayer requests in our blogland, aren't there? I'm so glad there are so many people who can pray for these things. In a way it makes me feel like nothing gets forgotten, when there's always someone promising to pray.

    I know the military is a huge committment, and you accept that, but I hope your husband doesn't have to go there.

    Your blog is never blah!!

    Still praying...

  7. I love reading your blog, I'm a big fan :)

    I'm looking forward to "Desperate Housewives" tonight as well. The middle of the week episode was a good one!

    I've got about 2 DOZEN loads of laundry to do (it feels like it anyway) and putting it away is indeed the worst part. I agree. I love to fold it though; is that weird?


  8. Hi Sandra!
    I love reading your blog, it is never blah! I loved your five senses post yesterday. Such a great way to start my weekend. I signed up for the laundry fairy too but haven't seen her yet. ;0)

  9. Fake steak, fake enough to fool my husband? If so, I NEED that recipe! I'll also add your MIL to the prayer post.

  10. I think its just grand when we have a blah day....nothing wrong with it at all.

  11. I'm sorry you are having a blah day Sandra. And I will surely pray for your MIL, I hope she is really blessed by God.

    My BIL was supposed to be going to Iraq, but then it didn't happen, then Afghanistan but it didn't happen, now he's supposed to be going to Belize. His poor wife (but Belize must be the best of the bunch...where is it? *blush* I'm hopeless at geography), it must be so hard gearing up to cope with hubby going to such places and then it not happening. I hope and pray that your hubby doesn't have to go, but if he does rest assured I will be praying for his safety and for your peace of mind.

    Hugs on top of hugs xx

  12. Oh I hope your hubby doesn't have to leave too. I can't believe mine is going. It seems like every time you turn around someone else is going somewhere. Like you said, life in the military.

    I get such a kick out of reading what shows you are going to watch since I watch the same ones. I even started watching Brothers and Sisters too. I like it so far.

    Sorry to hear about your sewing. It is hard to work with the kids underfoot. Mine are the same way and I know just what you mean by the ear piercing shrieks. Mine do the same thing. It's like radar when the guys go on mids, The kids go nuts. Bainshees, exactly.

    I will pray for your MIL. Gosh going through all this just plain sucks. I hope she starts feeling better soon. I know my mom went through a lot of this stuff and it wasn't much fun, but after it was all over she is glad to be fine. I know your MIL will be ok, just tell her to hang in there and all the ladies here in blogland will keep praying.


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