Monday, November 27, 2006


I've been MIA (mising in action) for about a week or so, give or take a few days, and though I wish that I could come back with all these exciting stories of great adventures I've had or wonderful things I did, I come back with a rested body and soul.

Believe me, THAT is a good thing!

You know, I love the holidays, but good grief, the stress and chaos grate on my nerves, it really does feel great when things calm down and you're back to the day to day things.

I always find that it's during these quiet *calms AFTER the storm*, that God gives you the little nudge, the little *wake up call* that reminds you just how good you have it. We're only human, and I'm the perfect example of the flawed and imperfect one.

I tend to get so caught up in things and lists and *should be done's* that I forget what I really have around me and how blessed I already am.
So I'm spending today doing things that will make the Lord proud. HOUSEWORK!!!
Don't look at me like I'm nuts, I'm serious, you know it doesn't have to be all boring and unrewarded and chore-ish like. When you put your heart and soul into it, it's meaningful.

Well come on in, it's snowing outside. Woke up to loads of snow and really really cold weather. I don't think I have to tell you all that I strongly dislike driving in the snow. The whole slippery roads thing just gets to me. You could get me to the dentist for a root canal, easier than you can get me to drive in the snow....but alas, the kids have school and I can't just hibernate for the winter. Can I??? Would it really be that politically incorrect if I did??? LOL

Last night as I was channel surfing....yes it's become quite the tradition on weekends since there is NOTHING to watch.....I happened to stop on Breaking Bonaduce. Ok first off, you all know Danny Bonaduce right??? Red haired and freckled little one from The Partridge Family.
I was disgusted to say the least, I mean I can't even put into words how frustrated I was watching his show on VH1, and for some reason beyond me, I couldn't look away.

Maybe that's how some shows stay on the air??? They're so ridiculous that you can't seem to break away. But anyway, apparently his wife and some friends had gone out to dinner and he was left at home babysitting 4 kids and a dog. Not a biggie right??? WRONG!!! This man decided that it would be fun to shoot a BB gun in the house, and letting his little 3 or 4 year old do it too. If that isn't bad enough, then he gets the older one to shoot at HIM while the other kids watch and laugh.
Now because things weren't already weird at that point, he takes the family dog, this tiny little thing and proceeds to smear bacon all over it, then wraps bacon around it's collar. Why you may ask???

Well they're going out hunting coyotes and this is to attract them. Are you as freaked out and speechless as I was watching it???
So now they're all walking around at night, with BB Guns, a puppy smeared in bacon, and they're just shooting off into the bushes and whatever....then they get freaked out at something that is moving in the dark and the daughter who is I would say about 13 or 14 starts cussing at this thing and almost shoots it with a BB gun. It turns out it's a lady with a stroller, just out walking the baby. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!

Yeah, let me tell you, NEVER again will I watch such filth. Unbelievable that it would be allowed on the tv. But then again I guess if it brings in the ratings, they could care less???
If I wasn't so busy and had time to spend on the computer, I think I would have started a TV Blog just for my rants, because lately it seems the shows just get worse and worse.

So anyway, I have cleaning to do and blogging to catch up on, Christmas cards to finish, laundry to iron, and so forth, you all know how my lists go, big enough to scare anyone away. But for some reason I find that I work best when I'm under pressure.

For now I'm going to get my Menu Plan Monday up, didn't get to do it last week, then again you would have just seen Turkey and leftovers for most of the week, what fun is that???

Alright ladies, I'm out of here, I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Stay out of the cold and keep warm, I'll see you all tomorrow morning.

God Bless,

For dinner we're having "Sandra's Jambalaya", it's a dish I came up with a couple months ago when I didn't know what to fix, but I had some chicken and smoked sausage. It's REALLY good :)

Rachael Ray
Viewers "trade" problems: One arranges the other's wedding while the other makes over the first person's house. Also: Rachael and a mystery taster prepare "French Onion No Soup."
General Hospital
Ric assigns Lucky to find Jason;
Alexis convinces Ric to allow Sam to see Kristina;
Alcazar tells Ric that Jason is alive;
Carly inadvertently tells Jax about her kiss with Sonny;
Tracy berates Luke.
Wife Swap
A freewheeling biker mom of three teenage girls from Illinois switches families with a New Jersey mother of two daughters who is a strict disciplinarian.
The Bachelor Rome
Lorenzo has one rose left to bestow in the season finale, but first he has intimate dates with finalists Sadie and Jennifer, and he asks permission from both of their fathers if he may marry their daughters.

Christmas Cards
Updating Blogs


  1. That Bonaduce seriously needs some deliverance!! As does VH1 for airing that cr--. Sorry, it just makes my blood boil to have such consciousless idiots getting paid big bucks to have that garbage on.

    Whew, now that that is off my chest, glad to hear you are feeling better. Amazing what rest does for a person. That is why I'm glad our Thanksgiving is in October. Gives us plenty of time to recuperate! :v)

    And housework is actually very spiritual if the attitude of doing it as unto the Lord is there. You are taking care of your family which is a ministry.

  2. I've never heard of that Bonaduce bloke but he certainly sounds like a scary person! There are some weird things on TV these days!

    Agree about the housework and sooo glad you feel rested! And I just love Jambalaya!

    Hugs, Sarah

  3. That TV show is one of the most revolting things I've ever heard of. He was the funny little redheaded kid on the Partridge Family years and years ago, and he has grown into a disgusting adult. I'm with you -- it's appalling that it's even on TV.

    I'm so happy you feel rested. The long weekend was really nice!

  4. I haven't heard of his tv show and I'm glad I haven't! How disgusting they would put filth like that on TV - that poor dog! Someone should call the authorities and have that dog removed! animal abuse is what I call it.

    Well I'm glad you were able to get well and rested and are feeling better!

  5. I am with you Sandra, anymore you have to be so careful with what you watch. I have never seen that show either but I love animals and anytime they hurt them or mistreat them it makes me sick. Glad you got a little time to yourself. It is very nice to get caught up on housework. Our painting is done and I couldn't be more happy! :)

  6. I've seen this show also. I too had trouble looking away. I think it was the shock factor. I kept wondering how anyone could get so messed up. And to think his wife actually stays and thinks she is in love with him. He really needs mental health.

    I watched the Bachelor. I always wonder if it will work out in the end for them.

    Enjoy the snow. I kind of miss it. I don't like the driving part either, but the staying inside and hibernating and enjoying a good book and some chili sounds like something I may be able to have someday down the line. Maybe we will get sent to Alaska. Then I will complain how I miss the summer all year round.

  7. That show sounds TERRIBLE! I have never seen it - I don't think we have it in Canada. good for us :)

  8. I'm glad we are back on schedule..I'm cleaning today....getting back to normal....I love the some pictures if you can. I'm listening to Christmas Music....drinking coffee with peppermint...want to join me?

  9. Good to see you back!

    Don't worry you aren't the only one who watched that show which really shouldn't be a show at all.
    We were channel surfing and came across it, I was horrified. We didn't watch the whole thing but a little was enough.
    (I am trying really hard not to be judgemental here but it is really hard!)
    I am surprised Child Protective Services hasn't paid them a visit yet...

    Have a wonderful day serving the Lord!!


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