Thursday, November 2, 2006

I don't know whether I'm coming or going!!!

Slow Cooking post is just below!!!

It's been absolutely crazy around here, and at times it's almost like I'm on the outside just staring at another mom and thinking "GOOD.GRIEF!!!" I'm sure you've all noticed that I haven't been here as much, it's just I feel like I have no time for anything, I haven't even been able to give my house the attention I usually do. It's nuts I tell ya!!!

So I'm starting today with a video from Christina Aguilera....not that I like her personally, I think she could use some more clothes on her body, but whatever, I do like her voice and I love this song, and it's my blog so "I can do whatever I want to???" right??? LOL

Anyway, I'm sitting here with a cup of hot coffee and some chocolate chip pancakes. Do I NEED the pancakes???
NO, but my hips are thrilled, they're all jiggly and happy.

Thank you to all who participated in the Holiday Traditions, I was hoping to see a lot more people, but you know how it is...even in the blogging world you need to know someone who knows someone who is popular. Since I'm not for popularity contests and clicks, I am just happy with the friends I do have that participate in all my nutty meme's LOL
So Thank you, I loved reading all about your traditions, you guys have such awesome things going on during the holidays, I got a lot of great ideas for myself from reading your posts :)

So due to Parent Teacher conferences today and tomorrow, Jasmine only has school for 3 hours each day, now my question is, why even bother then??? Couldn't they just stay home??? I drop her off come home and before I even get to start any housework I have to run back out to get her and then go back again at 1:30pm for the conference. *Sigh*

Since I've had no time for anything, I've noticed that things just get more and more crazy and out of control. See, when you neglect time with God and try to do things on your own, without His help, everything seems to spiral out of control, it keeps building up until you throw your hands in the air and plead for His help.

I'm guilty of that, I've been neglecting my time with Him, and I am feeling the repercussions. For the past two weeks, my days no longer run smoothly and I no longer have time for everything that I want to accomplish. You know how some of you asked many times how I did it all?? It wasn't just me, I had the Lord's help, and the minute I neglect that, that's IT, I'm on a rollercoaster going full speed and desperately trying to get off and slow down.

One of my favorite books is called "Diapers, Pacifiers and Other Holy Things" by Lorraine Pintus. In one of the Chapters entitled "Big Things, Little Things" she talks about our day to day and how to incorporate God into it, even in the mundane things we do like wiping our children's nose.

Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities - Luke 19:17
The message in that??? We must be faithful in little things if we expect to be responsible for big things. Let's face it, as moms we don't have the most glamorous jobs or the most adventurous (though I would like to challenge that at times), it's the small things that we do everyday, those things that don't change no matter what.

Doing the laundry
Fixing meals
Giving kids a bath
Helping with homework
Cleaning the house

AT times I do stop and think "why do I bother? I've just picked up the couch pillows 2 times in the past 30 minutes, why do I even try?". But I have to keep reminding myself that everything does count when your heart is in it and you have the right motive. Like did I make a meal for my family because I HAVE to, or did I make it because I want to give them good nutrition and because I want them to be happy??? See the difference.

So anyway, I am welcoming God back into my day to day, no matter if I'm scrubbing toilets or running errands, without Him, things just don't run smoothly.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive and inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving." Colossians 3:23, 24

Well moving on, last night for dinner I made my Steaks with Pepper Sauce. It's a pepper sauce that I made even before getting married and many times my dad would as me to make it, he loves it. It's really easy to make and I've posted the recipe on the food blog, so go check it out.

I'll also be posting the recipe for my Spaghetti Sauce, this one:

Doesn't that look good??? And it's so easy to make too, so I'll let you know when I put that recipe up.

Well I'm off again, I've been interrupted a couple of times during this post so now it's already 11am and I need to get ready to pick Jasmine up in 30 minutes. Have a wonderful day everyone, and don't forget that Slow Cooking Thursday is up, come share your favorite Slow Cooker recipes :)

Right now I have Chicken Parisienne cooking in the slower cooker, it smells SO good. If you want the recipe, check out my Slow Cooking Thursday post below :)

Rachael Ray

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Teacher's Conference


  1. You sound very stressed out today. I'm so sorry because you always have it together...but sometimes we dont. And this my FRIEND is okay its life. Your right about getting to far away from God. When you dont ask for help...and try to do things our way they dont always work out. Keep your chin up. You are walking beside God and that is excatly where you are supposed to be. I agree with the popularity contest....some people will get 20-40 comments in a day...but you know what....who cares.....the 5-12 I get a day are faithful and I consider them FRIENDS.....and you have alot of those sweetie....
    I'm praying for you today.

  2. Hey Sandra - I feel kind of lost control recently what with us all being sick. I found this great thing on Virtuous Woman:
    Yep the world's longest link, but it links to from Chaos to Calm and it has links to quite a few great articles that I found quite inspiring. You might have already been over, if so ignore me, lol.

    Hope you feel back on top of things soon :o) extra HUGS

  3. I'm so sorry you're feeling stressed and down. We all get that way from time to time, but then it gets better again. Hang in there, and make your To-Do list shorter for a couple days until you feel in control again.

    Praying for you.

  4. I hope so much you feel better soon. We all get this way from time to time. Some (ME!!!) more than others LOL! Just hang in there ok. You are a strong lady. Who I admire very much.
    Love ya girl!!!

  5. I know what you mean by busy. I can't seem to fit anything in lately. you know me always late.

    Do you think you could maybe pick another date for the holiday traditions and see if we can try it again. I would love to participate but since Halloween I haven't had a moment to myself. Wed. and today were filled with Dr. appts. I think maybe most people were just so busy after Halloween that they didn't have time to blog or just forgot. I can't wait to read all of them later.

    I have never heard this song, but I really like it. You're right, she isn't the greatest role model, but I have to admit, this song is good.

  6. Oh, by the way, I think you have one of the best blogs out there. I think it should be one of the most popular one's because I read it all the time. On the days I miss I always check back. Ditto to Jen's comment and I hope you feel better soon. I also hope you keep up the blogging as much as possible because I sure would miss you. Sometimes I think the blogging world is a little strange and I can't figure out why some blogs get 45 comments and some a lot less. I suppose though if you got that many you might find it hard to keep up with all the comment reading. Kind of a catch 22. Anyway keep it up and be careful what you wish for, you may wake up one day with 200 comments and then you're in trouble.

  7. Hi Sandra,

    I'm sorry you're so stressed right now but honestly, the pace you keep would land most of us on our backs. So sometimes you just have to kind of crash. I know I sure do.

    I'm so glad for Christina's comment. I've felt guilty for two days because I so want to participate in your Holiday Traditions but I honestly just couldn't get it together in time. When I came over to look at the links today, I saw that Mr. Linky is gone now because of the new one in your slow cooker meme. I don't like it much that he decided when we do a new Mr. Linky, unless we pay him, the last one goes away.

    So I'd already decided that when the time came together for me I would do your Traditions because I have so many and I love them. My plan was to just do my post in the next few days and link it back to your post.

    I hope I'm not one of the ones who hurt your feelings. I think so many of these nice holiday things are happening at the same time, I couldn't get my act together and I felt overwhelmed. My feelings about my family's traditions are important to me and I want the post I do to reflect that. I don't want to just throw any old thing out there.

    I still plan to do it and whenever I finally get it together, I'll link back here.

    Popularity? I don't think you have to worry about that. Everyone loves you and your site. Sometimes my posts get 30 comments. Sometimes they get 6. I try not to worry about it. My friendship cake post sure was a big flop! Blogging is weird. You can almost sense the moodiness of it sometimes. So you shouldn't worry about it.

    You are loved and you and your wonderful blog are very appreciated.

    It's nice that you're real, just like all of us, and have bad days. Still, I hope you feel better soon.

  8. hi, i found you recently and i immediately loved this blog. it's funny, it's intelligent, it has recipies? i'm in! i also add a link to you at the one of my blogs i know how to make lists on (not blogger)

  9. Chocolate chip pancakes? Yum!
    And that spaghetti looks good too.
    Hope your day goes well today.
    Oh and I tagged you on my blog!

  10. First for Mrs. Blythe here is your Virtuous Woman link made into a tiny url Cute isn't it? I don't remember who posted this but I love it.

    Sandra, you are very much in my prayers today. I pray the Lord blesses you "with the peace that surpasses all understanding"! Don't let Satan steal your joy!

    I loved your holiday traditions and I hope you do it again next year. I loved writing about it (and I was so surprised how much my kids appreciated it as did my parents :) And I loved reading about them and obtaining fresh ideas for this holiday season.

    I agree about Christine A. I love her voice and I wish she would wear more clothes. I actually pray she sees her self worth and realizes she doesn't have to sell her flesh in order for people to listen to her music.


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