Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Raindrops keep falling.....

The rain has finally let up this morning, after a night of pounding on the windows and rooftops.

Honestly, I thought my house was going to fly away.
BUT, now that it's let up, it's brought on wind....the kind that makes you wonder why you even bother brushing your hair, because the minute I step out that door I look like Medusa's Twin Sister. What a sight that is!!!

I had a restless night, tossing and turning, stomach hurting and ju
st an overall "not feeling well". There's a cold going around so I'm gearing up for it. Got out of bed this morning and really don't feel very well, so my wonderful husband took Jasmine to school. Poor guy, he just got home from working all night and now he has to take her before finally getting to bed. I am telling you, when you find a man like him, you hold on with all your might and DON'T let him go for nothing.

I'm dragging myself around today, I really really dislike the cold weather, just because I know that unless I'm overloaded with Vitamins, I'll be sure to get the cold and the sniffles a couple times before spring comes around.

I have a hard time falling asleep at night, especially if I'm not feeling very well, the whole toss and turn thing is frustrating, but I wish I could switch off my mind. It keeps going and thinking and thinking and worrying and stressing, by the time I close my eyes it feels like within 5 minutes the alarm clock is going off.

I would LOVE to get up in the morning happy and not wondering "will it be too long before nighttime, I could really use that bed right now". What is up with that???

So I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and nibbling on an Cranberry Orange Muffin. I actually got up and made those before the kids woke up, the house smells divine. Imagine orange and cranberry together....Yummy!!!

If you're in the mood for some, just come on over, or you can get the recipe at my food blog and make them for your family :)
Cranberry Orange Muffins

You know what I've realized??? That my kids will probably end up living in one of those Nude Communities. Stop laughing and just listen why....LOL
The minute they walk in the door, from school or the store or whatever, their clothes come off. They do keep their underwear on, so I guess t
hat would not really be considered acceptable attire for the Nude Community....but still. I've tried so hard to make them keep their clothes on, you have no idea how annoyed hubby and I get. So yeah, if you are ever in my house and hear the words "Would you put some clothes on please?", don't run, it's really nothing, just us trying to coax them into a shirt, maybe some pants???

I was getting set to write out Christmas cards and finally get my sewing done, but I don't think that's going to happen today. The holidays are rapidly approaching and I'm wondering if I'm going to have time for everything. Good thing though, I finally figured out how I want to do the Family Name Ornaments, you see, after sharing the Thanksgiving Garland with you all yesterday I realized that it would be a neat idea to do the same thing with the Christmas Names. Instead of leaves, I'll cut out some other Christmasy shape and make a garland with all the family names on there. What do you think???

Well ladies, I have 3 credits at Paperbackswap, so I think I'm going to head over and get myself 3 books. I just love that place, I've been able to get rid of all my old paperbacks that I don't read anymore, and in turn I've gotten great books, lots of them christian :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Dinner tonight is just a quick Spaghetti made with Ground pork, yummy. Will serve it with a salad and some Homemade Garlic Bread.

Rachael Ray

Follow along with a viewer’s weight loss challenge, and then get to know American Idol Ruben Studdard, who’s lost over 400 pounds! Plus, Gretta's got five great beauty buys under five bucks.
General Hospital
Tracy urges Luke to tell the children that Laura's recovery could be temporary.

Dancing with the Stars
Two teams of dancers compete with a freestyle dance and another dance of the same discipline.
House notices something about the son of a man who has been in a coma for a decade.

NOTHING....let's celebrate LOL


  1. Good Morning, Sandra! I love the rain when it comes down hard, I sleep better. lol
    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Under the weather, is not the place to be! Be sure to have some warm chicken noodle soup.
    I checked out your Cranberry Orange Muffins. They look delicious. I'm going to give them a try in December.
    Your kids are too cute! I can't wait to see what Olyvia's going to do about her clothes as she gets older! Your kids are adorable - I looked at your pics today.
    I think your Christmas names idea will be good.
    I'll have to give paperback swap a try. I have tons of paperback books that I'm ready to trade for!
    Have a great day!
    I love House!! One of my favorite TV shows.

  2. Sandra, loved reading this post...too cute and funny! I was giggling through the whole thing. Except, I am sorry you weren't feeling well last night. What a wonderful hubby you have though! :)

    Kids are so funny! I can remember saying the same thing to my two boys. What is it with the clothes thing anyway! lol

    Love the idea of the Christmas name garland. :)

  3. Eden - Isn't House such a good show, and I just love him he is hilarious :) I think you'll enjoy paperbackswap, it's a lot of fun :)

    Pamela - LOL kids and clothes, I don't know...when Jasmine was 2 years old she went through this stage where I would get her dressed in the morning only to find her undressed a few minutes later and her clothes would be in the trash LOL
    Hey I can't wait for Luke and Laura and I'm so excited with Jason and Sam, though not looking forward to that annoying Liz in the way LOL

  4. I love a good spring rain but at this time of year up here it means ICE. Today it is snowing and rather hard at the moment.

    Your dh sounds like a wonderful man. I feel so blessed as well.

    I LOVE cranberry orange muffins, especially fresh out of the oven with orange-spice hot tea. It does make the whole house smell wonderful.

    Forgive my ignorance but what is the :Paperbackswap"?

    Thanks for a nice morning post!

  5. Sandra - I am sorry to hear you are sort of feeling YUCKY -- (((hugs)))!! I love (anxiously look forward to) reading your blog each day it's like I am sitting right there sharing a cup of coffee and whatever danish you are sharing this day!! :) Twisted, huh?? It's a nice escape from my busy day!! :)

    Thanks for sharing all you do and keeping us coming back for more!!! :)

    By the way - I understand about naked kids. I have one, my son (5) who CANNOT poop (at home) with clothes on. Reason, unknown...but it's a fact! :)

  6. Cranberry Orange Muffins? Too yummy!
    I think everyone's feeling a bit rundown right now - I hope that you get feeling back to yourself soon.

  7. Your muffins sound wonderful and I bet your house smells greaaaat.
    I will have to get that recipe.

  8. Hi Sandra,

    One of the three quick breads for Christmas gifts I posted last week was Cranberry-Orange bread. I've been making it for years and it's wonderful so yes, I can definitely agree that cranberries and oranges go together very well.

    Your little almost naked kids crack me up. What's up with that? Cameron now wants to take his diaper and his socks off. Those two things. I swear, I'm ready to use duck tape!

    I hope you're not getting sick. And don't stress too much about the holidays and all you have planned to do. I always overload myself with plans too, but what works for me is just taking one thing at a time. I make a list and it encourages me to keep going every time I can mark one thing off it.

    Awwwww. The holidays are so relaxing, aren't they?


  9. Oh I'm always looking for good cranberry recipes, I'll check this one out, thanks.

  10. I so relate to getting out of bed and counting the hours til you can go back to bed!! I have been reading your blog for a few days and am hooked! Thanks! My blooger blog is pretty new but I have one at www.homeschoolblogger.com/chrissyland if you want to check it out! Thanks

  11. Sorry to hear about your tossing and turning, but I know what this is like. I do this sometimes and then I am dragging all day. Like you though my hubby does the same thing. He will come in from mids and drive the kids to school. Sometimes I think it's one of the ways they sneak a little extra time with the kids in. He always says he can't get right to sleep anyway.

    I can't believe how fast the holidays are coming. It just seems so quickly this year. I haven't done a thing. I guess I better get myself into the swing of things.

    Hope you have a great nights sleep tonight.

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I'm sorry you tossed and turned all night, I know how awful that is. Your muffins sounds yummy, I love cranberries. I picked up a new flavor of coffee the other day. Folgers "Chocolate Silk. Then I add some hazelnut creamer. Wow! It is like drinking a melted chocolate bar. :0)
    I'm glad House is on tonight!

  13. I'm with you on the cold weather. I'm sharing the same with you.

    My grandchildren are still going around inside the house barefooted. I don't know how they keep from freezing their little toes off!!

    Hope you feel better soon and don't catch that cold after all. Are you able to take something like Tylenol PM at night? One of those is really gentle and helps me a lot on the nights I can't settle down.

  14. Lol I remember when DD1 was 4 we had two male guests from our church. For some reason she went upstairs, stripped naked and then ran around our living room. I blush still to think of it. Children just love to run around with no clothes on. It's that lovely innocence. Now if they are still doing it at 25 you need to put your foot down ;o)

  15. I am SO gonna make those muffins! I've always been very "baking leery" but I've started this year, and most things have been pretty good! I hope I can get these to turn out yummy, because they sound awesome!



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