Friday, August 15, 2008

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Donuts and Burritos!

Is there anyone that doesn't like a yummy donut?

I'm a donut addict, I admit, shamefully! I can't resist them and I have to control myself when I'm around these yummy fluffy treasures. *drool*

Before the kids left for school this morning, Nicholas asked me to please make some donuts for an after school snack, and because I love my kids so much and I can't resist his cute little *pokey pokey* face LOL I said ok.

I whipped these up in 20 minutes because, guess what? They use canned biscuits. How cool is that. Now here you go, help yourself to one, or two, then go on over to my food blog for the recipe, and if you're feeling up to it, why not take a few minutes and whip up a batch for your family too.

Right after I was done with these, I quickly whipped up a bunch of Breakfast Burritos (if Barb had only known what a burrito monster she was creating in me LOL). Every payday I go grocery shopping them come home and stock the freezer with these great burritos, which I eat for breakfast, lunch, snack....I really do eat a lot don't I? Hmmmm!


  1. We love the burritos yummy. And your donuts look great too. My kids are on a sausage biscuit kick for breakfast these days....which I love too.

  2. I love donuts! YUM! I haven't tried Barb's breakfast burritos yet. YET!

    Have a great weekend Sandra.

  3. donuts...yummy...we have Krispy Kreme donut restaurants here and when the donuts are fresh they have a flashing neon sign in the window saying "Hot Fresh Donuts" it takes a lot of willpower to pass up that blinking neon sign...

  4. O wow!! Those look great and are calorie free, right?!
    Your recipes always amaze me, Im so glad you post them on here for all of us to share!
    Thanks :)

  5. I do believe you make my breakfast burritos more often than I do, Sandra. LOL

    I try not to run out of them. That's why I make four dozen at a time.

    Your doughnuts look delicious too. I've never tried making them with canned biscuits, but that sounds easy enough!

  6. I just had the donuts for the first time last week. My sisters introduced me to them and they were yummy! I'll be making them again!

  7. I will have to try these!!
    they look great!!

  8. Oh man, those donuts look sooo good! I'll have to steal this recipe for sure!

  9. My family loves it when I make biscuit donuts. Yum! ~Wendi

  10. I'd be thanking my kid for giving me an excuse to eat those yummy doughnuts! What's the secret to using the biscuit dough?

  11. I've made donuts like this before but not with that chocolate glaze, yum!
    I have GOT to try those burritos, they look really good!

  12. Yup - those are the donuts that we made while camping last week. They are the best. I've never put the sprinkles on though.
    I made your milk tartlets the other week too. The family loved them.
    I'm trying out the crab rangoons tomorrow. LOVE your recipes!


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