Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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Halloween Costumes!

For some it may sound a bit too early to be talking about it, but honestly, it's really just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking costumes, what are the kids going as this year?

As a mother, the search for the perfect Halloween Costume is just as exciting as it is for my children, we will sit around the computer and go through pages and pages of costumes and there have been years where we ended up rushing and buying something off a shelf at the nearest store. That's usually when you end up with kids dressed in things they DON'T want to be, because it was the last costume available.

Let's face it, as much as I would love to make my kid's costumes by hand, it's just not possible with all the craziness of my life and as much as I love sewing, I'm not comfortable doing something like this. Halloween is a big thing for the kids, they have pretty definite ideas on what they want to be.

So here's where I'll be getting the kids Halloween Costumes this year and boy does it have some of the cutest costumes ever, now you all know that I don't talk about something on my blog unless I really like here's some examples that I'm sure will have some of you rushing over to see for yourselves. Looking at these almost makes me want to have another baby...almost!

New for adorable is this? Lil' Elephant Elite Collection

Lil' Stinker, not only is the name too cute for words, but the costume...oh my goodness, if only I had found this when Nicholas was a baby!

Little Red Riding Hood....OH.MY.GOSH!

After looking through the site with Nicholas, he immediately shouted out that he wanted to be Heat Blast from Ben 10.

And since Jasmine is absolutely obsessed with dresses and ball gowns and all that stuff, she chose this one.

Well I'm going to keep looking around, I'm having way too much fun on there.


  1. No, no, no! It's toooo early. Please? Sheesh..I don't even get the kids back to school until next week. But you are right, its time to start thinking.

  2. We always make ours. And that's saying a lot as I am NOT a crafty person.

    Last year, my son decided to be a carrot. Yes, a carrot. It actually turned out pretty cute!

  3. I'm thinking of Halloween already and will be ordering from Buy Costumes *it's UPS delivered * ;) which is awesome as it'll go on Rob's truck right away.I thinking McKenna will choose Princess !!! Jasmine and Nicholas will look amazing in their costumes..I saw on Ebay a stroller costume/baby costume ( too cute) Wish I had that idea when McKenna was younger..

  4. I have been thinking about it...but havent come up with anything form Miller....Madison is too old so she is helping with candy. i may have to brainstorm this weekend on this one...

  5. Anonymous7:50 AM

    WOW, it IS getting to be that time again! I've got to be thinking of ideas-this year, we're going to try our hand at homemade costumes!

  6. I was just talking to Matt last night about costumes. I'd love if my kids would let me dress them as Wizard Of Oz. Allison can be Dorothy,Ty could be the Lion & Shannon the good witch. That's my dream but I doubt they'll go for it. Iv'e only been trying this idea for 2 years. They usually end up being whatever is "in" at the time. We usually spend way too much money on a plastic costume that is falling apart before trick or treat is over lol!

  7. Makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one that has been thinking about this. I have been searching ebay for the perfect Minnie Mouse costume.

  8. Hello! Love the elephant that is seriously cute.

    Halloween costumes are just so expensive, I am going to try to do without. The boys can just wear their football uniforms and Courtney is either going to be minnie mouse (barrowed) or wear a poodle skirt and be a girl from the 60s.

    Looks like everyone chose great costumes. :)

  9. Oh my, these costumes are absolutely adorable but it *is* too early! Still in the thick of summer up here! My daughter has left her trick or treating days behind her. Last year she decided to hand out candy, but we had very few visitors. I want to get a costume for my dog!

  10. If you want to get the good ones, you have to start thinking now! So it's not too early

  11. Its never too early to start looking. thats how i found this page looking for a heat blast costume for my 3yr old thats all he has been talking about for weeks. his dad said it couldnt be dont that there wouldnt be any well i found them im just waiting for them to come back into stock :)


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