Wednesday, August 6, 2008

# summer

Cloudy, Rainy, PERFECT!

I'm thankful that we've been getting quite a bit of rain here lately, it seems that we spend the day with really high temperatures around 112º and then by 5pm the sky starts changing and I love just staring out my kitchen window and watching it unfold.

So no rain yet this morning, just the clouds but it's feeling so much cooler and it makes me want to get in the kitchen and bake, maybe a Banana Bread or some Gingersnap Cookies, or I may just put together a big pot of vegetable soup. YUM!

You guys are lucky that I am so open on this blog and don't think there's anything that I won't talk about, because I'm about to admit that I'm an idiot, with a capital I. Remember the whole sewing machine ordeal? Some of you gave me some really good advice, things I hadn't even thought of....the first sign that I'm an idiot LOL But then yesterday while talking to my Grandma back home, I asked her about it again.

First let me tell you why I asked her, she is a seamstress, and some of my fondest memories are sitting with her in her sewing studio surrounded by fabric and all sorts of sewing machines, thread and needles and pins around us. She made wedding dresses and alterations and she's a genius with a sewing machine. So when I mentioned my problem she calmly asked me a couple of questions, things like "Are you sure you're threading it right?" YES..."did you make sure it's clean inside, dust can sometimes interfere" YES....."have you oiled your machine lately?" UHHHH...I'm supposed to oil the machine?????

DING DING DING Idiot alert! Boy did I feel stupid, considering I've NEVER oiled it and the machine is about 7 years old LOL

So guess what I'm doing today? Yep, oiling the machine! Thanks Grandma :)

I'm off to clean the house and conjure up some yumminess in the kitchen, but since summer is pretty much over for us with the kids returning to school, I thought I would leave you with a Summer Photo Album, a little reminder of what we did since school ended in May.

Summer Walks

Summer Runs





Cook outs

And cook ins

And enjoying full days of fun and staying up way past bed time to swing outside in the moonlight


  1. You had such a wonderful summer gal. I'm so glad you took these great pictures....

  2. First: 112*???!!! Oh my. I'm a puddle at 85*.

    You look like you had a wonderful summer. What memories with the African trip!

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Look at those cute kids!!! =) Looks like you guys have had a great summer, too!!

    Don't feel bad about the machine... you know, I haven't oiled mine in the whole time I've had it, either, and I was having the same problem with the thread breaking. I'm glad to know what might be wrong with mine, too!!

  4. Aw, I hate summer to be ending. Funny it's not really til late sept. but because of school schedules it is ... oh well!
    Have a great day Sandra.

  5. You have given me a few clues about where you live.... I think it reminds me so much of AZ. My family lives there, I went to HS there and miss it so much. Especially the summer monsoon storms. So your clues are hot days, stormy nights and rounded curbs. Anyway, if you dont' live in AZ, then AZ is very similar and I am jealous.

    You are very lucky to have a grandma to share her wisdom with you. I would be willing to bet that this revelation, of oiling your machine, will be something you pass on to your daughter some day and remember where you got the advice from. Her legacy will carry on.

    Loved your pictures.

  6. wonderful pictures.. I could not survive 112 do the kids like it???and more importantly do you like it? thanks for the comments..have a great day. see you thursday.

  7. I came upon your blog through your caramel recipe (that I haven't tried yet but can't wait to) and have enjoyed reading all your other great looking recipes and craftiness. thanks!

  8. Did you say 112? 112? Oh my! How do you stand it.....

    (Air conditioning!)

    You and your family have had a great summer, but Sandra, its by no means over! I know your school is starting soon...ours doesnt' until September.....summer still has a long ways to go....

  9. Summer - wonderful! We are still waiting for summer to actually START here, but hey, it is England, after all!
    I am glad you are getting that machine sorted!

    Great photos, Sandra!

  10. WOW!!! It gets that hot there?? How do you stand it? Gosh...I get cranky at 90*!!! LOL
    I love all the pictures!!! Your kiddos are so cute and that one pic of the lightening is awesome!!! :)

  11. To hot for me. 112..yikes ! Love the photos!

  12. Glad you are getting some rain.

    Too much here...

    Oh well. It's not as hot here, though.. :-))))

    Gentle hugs,
    'Miss' Mari-Nanci

  13. You know Sandra, I was thinking the same thing (that the rain went your way rather than here is TX). Hope it's cooling off your neck of the woods. Too funny!

  14. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Amazing pictures! I've never oiled a sewing machine in my life!! You learn a new thing every day.

    Hugs n' love

    Sarah x

  15. Um, you're supposed to oil a sewing machine?! LOL!! You're way ahead of me!

    Those pictures of the stormy sky are beautiful, gave me chills!

    Love the summer pictures - can't believe summer's almost over, sigh...


  16. Your photos are always so enjoyable...I love cloud-photos, too...and we get some great ones don't we, out here in the desert? Sounds odd, doesn't it, that we have great rain cloud shots in the desert LOL!

    I was so impressed that you caught a lightning shot in the Thunderstorm photo (I've tried so many times to do this and end up with a black sky!), but also the lightning showed up a huge "cloud crescent moon" over the house...awesome!

    Have a great weekend.

  17. I LOVE that photo album - what a summer of memories!

    And my sewing machine could use some oil, too. Not that I ever use it, but if I did - I'd need to oil it first . . .


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