Monday, August 18, 2008

# simple woman's daybook

The Simple Woman Daybook - August 18th

Hi everyone, come on in and see what's in my daybook!

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Outside my Window
...the base landscaping people are mowing the yards in the back. In the front, there are 2 hummingbirds fluttering around my Honeysuckle, right outside my kitchen window!

I am thinking...that hopefully Nicholas feels good in school, he and I have a small cold and he's not feeling 100% but I can't keep him home if he's not running a fever.

I am thankful for...being sick this weekend while hubby was home to help me, as a matter of fact he ordered me to bed on saturday and it felt so good to relax!

From the kitchen...Portuguese Steak with tomato and onion and these wonderful donuts which my children love.

I am creating...A clean home today, after dropping off the kids at school I'll come back and mop the floors and change the bed linens. I also have a basket of laundry to iron.

I am going... to miss the Robin Hood Series. I've loved watching the first two seasons, but now I have to wait until next year for Season 3. Bummer!

I am wearing...short pink satin robe and slippers.

I am reading...The Barefoot Princess by Christina Dodd.

I am hoping...To get everything done on my to do list

I am hearing... Nicholas sniffling in the background while he plays a little Wii before school, the lawn mowers outside, jets flying overhead

Around the house...Beds to be made, laundry to finish and the wonderful scent of fresh brewed coffee

One of my favorite things...that first sip of coffee in the morning, the one that makes you go "aahhh"

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Library on thursday, other than that, nothing at all

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...Jasmine's fairy house in our back yard


  1. The fairy house is so cute!!

  2. A cute picture! Luv it.

  3. Hey There!

    I found your blog off of Jen's 'A good cup of coffee'. I wanted to tell you that I also LOVE 'Robin Hood'. I am such a fan that I bought both seasons. I am sad that we have to wait until next yr for Season 3. That being said, I am a HUGE Richard Armitage fan (Guy of Gisbourne). If you like him, you must see the BBC movie 'North and South'. He is incredible in it! Have a great day! :)

  4. I found your blog and enjoy reading your post. Dont forget to stop during your busy day to enjoy the little thing in life.
    Have a lovely and Bless Monday, Virginia

  5. what a cute little fairy house she has made. And yes...that first cup of coffee......need I say more????
    I hope you are feeling better...and I so hope the kids dont get this. Your dinner sounds great too....have a great week.....

  6. Hi! Welcome to the Daybook. Thanks for commenting on mine. I enjoyed reading yours. Mmm, the aroma and taste of a good cup of coffee - yum!


  7. Cute fairy house. Fun to see that Jasmine has made one at this house too!

  8. That fairy house is so beautiful. Isn't it good to have blogs to capture these special memories? I so agree, that first sip of coffee.....just had mine.

  9. I love the fairy house! So cute! I am jealous that you had a day to clean your house. Mine's a mess! Maybe tomorrow...

  10. Hope your son had a great day at school yesterday and finds his cold going away.

    Now, what's up with those yummy picures on the right hand side of your blog. You do know that makes me want to invite myself over to eat. If it tastes HALF as good as it looks, well, you're one heck of a good cook!

  11. Jasmine's fairy garden is really neat. I haven't watched Robin Hood but your posts are inspiring me (as well as the pics - LOL!). Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

  12. I'm the same way with that first sip of coffee - I do think it is even a audible sigh of relief! Have a great week and keep feeling better.


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